Review: eARC A Dnagerous Invetation by Erica Monroe

a dangerous invitation

(Whoops, sorry this review took longer than I thought to write. But please do enjoy.)

Debut authors are always etchy for me. Yes, they’re new and I’m very intrigue with the presentation of their debut books but sometime they fail at it. But I do always give them a try and even a couple more tries after because, I either love their series, the characters, their writing skills, and story telling, or sometimes I just want to give them another try because it won’t hurt to give them another chance.

And this one is a huge hit for me. I have been “following” Ms. Erica Monroe for awhile now. I’m not sure for how long but I have been waiting for this release since I first stumbled onto her blog/site when she was still in the process of writing it and man, I was blown away by the synopsis of it.
I mean, hello, Grave Robbers? Body Snatchers? Count me in!

Ms. Monroe did so much research for this book that I…I’m just wowed by it. She had facts in her story to back up all of the research she had did and she mixed it into her story, this story, very well. Many people, readers, complain about stories not being “Historically correct” and Ms. Monroe, I thought did a very great job, a super fantastic job in pulling and adding the needed and known facts into her work to make it real.

I personally have done my own research about the Grave Robbers and Body Snatchers and all those famous criminals during those times once upon a time in school, so it was really really exciting to see that and re-read those small bits of information in this romance. I mean it really had a huge part in this story and over all for this series I believe.

Yes, I should be reviewing the book and story but I am!! All these bits and facts just makes me super ecstatic about this book because of all the research that was put into it for it to become Alive~ Okay, that was in Frankenstein but it works!  I just love it!

So we have Kate whom was raised in a well family by a father who worked in the shipping company, but then everything went wrong one night when her father’s assistant Daniel was accused of murdering a fellow employee. Dissembling his body in a horrifying way. Daniel then ran away leaving everything behind including Kate to the hounds. You see, Kate and Daniel were preparing to get married and when he ran, her whole world came crashing down not so long after that. Her father’s company crumbled, her father then dies with little to no penny left to his name plus, a ruined reputation to his and her name, and Kate ends up in the streets defending for herself. But she grew to know the streets of the dark side of London and worked her way to save, protect, and steal from the riches to survive. She made it her living. Then one day a dead man came back into her life and turned it back on its head once more. Daniel.

Daniel felt guilty for ruining Kate’s life and abandoning her to the sharks and criminals of London. So when he got news that he can clear his name from a “spy” from the dark side of London, he took it and sought out Kate for her help. But of course it wasn’t that easy, Kate wasn’t the Kate he knew during their younger years and she isn’t willing to help him despite knowing that he wasn’t a murderer, sort of. She wasn’t willing to work with an accused and wanted murderer or be a target herself from those working on the darker side of London. Either way Daniel isn’t leaving her behind again and is even trying to penetrate her closed heart to get her to see or feel for him once again, like he still does for her.

All I can say is that there are lots of angst in this story. Yes, it revolves around death and murder and dark corners of the London streets and all, but it worked and it worked for their love story.  Of course they’re both somewhat stubburned and like to keep things to themselves, in their heads, but they know there are sexual tensions and attraction there. Hehe

Once the investigation gets underway to the murder, it just gets better and better! And when danger approaches and revelations come undone……….It turns the whole story upside down.

I love that we got to see lots of changes in Kate’s character, which I really enjoyed. It showed her from a young and loyal girl who dreamed of living a life that is protected and secure from the dangers of the world with Daniel to living in fear, afraid and full of anger at the world and the people, and then to the hatred towards Daniel when he came back. But as we all know it Daniel starts to penetrate her cold and hard exterior and she starts to live again even if she’s still in the dark and well, she became a strong and loving woman. Which leads to her and Daniel’s HEA with a full character change and development and a new look at life and love.

Daniel, I have always loved him. Yes he made some mistakes in the past but they were very understandable. And after years on the run and working his butt off to find the culprit, he was willing to risk his life to return to the ring and to the girl he loved. I love the way he thinks. I felt the  same way about Kate too but Daniel just has so much love towards Kate that I just… I love him.

Oh, one thing I loved about this story is that the characters are commoners. Yes! Regular working people. I know that there are many Historicals set during this time frame with lots of smoking hot dreamy aristocrats with titles. From Marquesses to Dukes, Viscounts to Earls, Lords and Barons, Sirs and gentleman.  Yes, I love them all! But gosh I just love common men as heroes~ And this is one books with a sexy common hero.

So, if you love common heroes and ladies, this is one for you. And of course remember it’s a dark and gritty story surrounding death, murder, some suspense, and a lot of angst, kind of. So if you’re not up to that, don’t try this fantastic book and give it a poorly written review because it was too…..dark. Just don’t, that wouldn’t be fair.

But if you love those kind of stuff like I do! Go for it!

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Review: eARC A Little Too Hot by LISA DESROCHERS


A Little Too Hot is so very HOT!!!
I can not tell you how hot it is. From the very first I was hooked and it kept getting better and Better.
I never thought I would love it so much, but oh man, I do! If you have read the previous two books in this Hot series you know it can get really steamy in here quick. And in this latest, Gosh it was steamy from the first I read about that stranger Harrison!
Oh my Harrison! I’m not trying to swear but Oh My Gosh! He’s so hot and I thought Alessandro from A Little Too Much was hot, Harrison is to die for~
Okay so we have Samantha whom we met in book one, A Little Too Far who was Trent’s girlfriend and bestie to his step-sister, Lexie. If you’ve read the book you know what all came down. We also got a mixed feeling for Sam in that book, but now she has her own story.
So Sam has been kicked out of her home by her mother and has no job or a place to stay. Therefore she asked her friend Jonathan to stay with him and his roommate. He agrees but hooked her up at a gentlemen’s bar (not to mistake it for a strip club) to pay for her share of the rent.
Sam obliges and gets the job dancing for the customers and so on.
But sparks starts to fly when she spots a Mysterious gentleman and once she got a called to dance privately for the Mysterious gentleman, she couldn’t help herself but want to get under him and throw the rules over her head of no touching, close contact, and all those no nos with the customers.
So there are more private VIPs with Mr. Harrison Yates and some super sweaty hot scenes which, trust me, they were worth it!
But of course things aren’t always what they seems and once Sam crossed that road of client and something more with Harrison, she threw herself into unknown territory with him.
Harrison as you may know has secrets and well, they are hug depending how you want to see it. They change the story dramatically which I love because it made the story even better! It’s really hard not to love him.
I really love how Lisa once again got my mind and heart pounding! I couldn’t put the book down and was on the edge of my seat throughout the whole read! And I also read it in One Whole Seating! Should I even say there was some suspense? I know I got that from the previous book but it really worked in this one! And the twists and turns!!! Oh man. I had to take a breather just to let everything settled in. Shall I say this was both before and after the turns of events?!
Every time I turned the pages I just get thrown in and out of feeling really tighten up with nervousness or holding my breath in….some kind of swooning senselessness! Harrison is just a God!! My goodness!
It actually got me thinking about working at a gentlemen’s bar if I can find a man that Hot and Sexy! Wow!
And even though it was in the POV of Sam like all the other previous books with only the heroine’s view, I didn’t mind it but gosh how I would love to get into Harrison’s head!
I also really loved the chemistry between Sam and Harrison. They have a really hot and great chemistry. Not just because they have a very different background but because their sex drive and hunger for each other was so strong and out of the world that I couldn’t ignore it. Even from the very beginning it was there and not just because Sam was dressed skimpy in barely nothing or getting it down on the pole but man, I swear I could feel their sexiness oozing out of my Kindle!
I just  got to say I didn’t think Lisa can pull any thing up against Alessandro but man I was wrong.
Harrison is my sexy Hunk for this year’s ‘Gotta have that Hunky Hot Sex Abs’! I might even have to start that Meme after him.
Wow, I’m getting hot and giddy and you just have to pick this baby up when it releases! Thank you Lisa and the people at Harper Collins for giving me this opportunity to read this book!!! Phew.
But if you really want to know how this book made me feel, I suggest you watch Bruno Mars’ Gorilla music video. Hot~!!!
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Rate: 5 / 5

5 review

(Another long) Review: In Her Dreams by Katherine Givens


In Her Dreams is my first read of Katherine Givens’ work and I highly enjoyed it! This was a very short novella with two POVs from two sisters trying to find the love of their dreams~

I cannot tell you how much this little story made me giggle and smile like a looney. It was all just too cute and adorable, if I can say that about a book.

You have the beautiful and rebellious elder sister, Evangeline who’s on the brick of spinsterhood and hell bent on finding her own true love while her scheming mother wants to marry her off to the handsome Duke of Manchester.

And then you have the lovely docile and meek younger sister, Angela who’s too afraid to over step their mother’s boundaries and is head over heels in love with the man who’s to be her future brother-in-law.

I really love how we got two separate POVs from both these sisters’ views on their lives and how they viewed things.

On one hand you have Evangeline who’s head bent on defying their mother’s plan on wedding her off to a man she doesn’t love let alone can’t stand in the presence of; while Angela is the abiding and docile daughter who doesn’t want to upset or ruin the image of herself and her family’s name, let alone anger their mother, and she sees a loving caring man out of her sister’s intended.

Yes, we have a whole lot of stuff going on in this little story. And there is a lot of drama, yet there isn’t for such a short story.

The only drama that will be in store for you is the tension between Evangeline and their mother. But there are other things at works too, like the tension between defying the rules and following your heart or be biddable and heartbroken. And of course there’s the disagreement on how both sisters see things in regards to their role in society and towards their mother, and of course their love lives.

Okay, yes, that’s a lot of drama, right? But it’s great! And I bet you know which problem is attached to which sisters’ story. But anyways, there is also some other strange plot or theme going on. There is a “paranormal” aspect to it if you will believe me.

Yes, you read that right. Paranormal!!!

You’re thinking, “But this is Historical?”

Yes, but why can’t we have some fun, aye?

Okay, so the title of the book is, In Her Dreams, which has a huge part in the story. You see, this is where the paranormal part of the book emerges. The reason why Evangeline is so adamant against her “supposed” betrothed to the Duke is not just because Angela loves the man but it’s because she has “met” the man of her dreams. And not just that, but she “met” him in her dreams. Literally!
Every night, or every time, for a couple of months now when Evangeline falls asleep she meets this man “in her dreams,” and it’s love in heaven. Well, until she’s woken up of course and reality hits.
But of course, it’s a romance and there is bound to be HEAs, so there are happy endings all around.
So you want to know what happens? Get the book.

Another thing, even if I didn’t get any POVs from the heroes the way I wanted too, I still really enjoyed reading it. I even enjoyed how the sisters described them and their actions. And from those views and interactions with each of the men from the sisters, it made me fall in love with the heroes~ I can’t say much about them but all I know is that they made me brood for them. Even if I barely know them. Their actions were all telling signs that they were all worth the brooding. Sighs.

Oh, and I really hated their mother!!! Urgh, she really got on my bad side. So pushy and bossy! But I really love how strong and defiant Evangeline is and just kept on being herself and didn’t let that mother of theirs get her down. You go girl, speak your mind and defy that Looney of a mother! And of course Angela was always listening to their mother.

But then there was this one part where Evangeline admitted that she missed her mother who used to bring her pastries and read to her as a child, who taught her to dream big and live her dreams. I really wanted to know what happened there. Like did their mother really changed that much because her daughters were reaching the stage of spinsterhood without even catching any suitors? It just got me very curious to its background story.

But anyways, I highly enjoyed this short read. Sure I figured everything out from the very instant once things were in place; I still liked it and wanted to see where it would take me. There were scenes that really made me laugh when I wasn’t expecting it, which was a very good thing, and it was all adorable and smiles.

So yes, I highly recommend this for a fun, quick, and romantic read. Even if you want something to be angry about this will work too.

This ARC was provided by the author for an honest review.

I give this a 4 out of 5.
4 review


Review: eARC My Real by Mallory Grant

Mallory Grant EBook


Wow. I knew I liked the back blurb for the book but I didn’t know I was going to like it this much. 

This is the first Mallory Grant book I read and I’m hoping it won’t be my last. I don’t read many contemporary romances but when I do they are just amazing. I also love how it’s told in first person which worked really well with both POVs and with getting to know who they are and what they’re thinking.

So we have Andrew who’s getting a divorce from his cheating wife and hopes to claim full custody of their 4 year old daughter, Emerson. He has returned to his college town to start over.

Bailey has just started summer vacation and her marriage is now officially over. With her cheating husband now out of her life her best friend Emma is taking her out for drinks and a little fun. She soon spots her long ago ex- best friend’s boyfriend now husband, Andrew and things starts to heat up.
When Andrew finds out that his college crush Bailey has recently become single, he jumped at the chance at love and everything right and soon they begin a quick and very romantic affair that Andrew hope will never slip away from him again.

I absolutely adore this couple. Yes I thought it was a super crazy fast hook up and romance between the two but it worked. They had so much history and background that their love for eachother was already in place and was just waiting for them to jump at the chance to “do it!”

I also love the background information on their past relationship with their now ex-spouses. Well, Bailey’s at least because she was the one I felt hurting the most because she’s a woman and because her husband was an assh. She had a lot of insecurities because of her ex and it was very surprising to see her strip, and I mean literally strip it all away when Andrew came into the picture. It was also very….. unbelievable in a sense but understandable because she had to prove her ex wrong about herself being “plain Jane” so it was okay too for her huge change in confidence.

Andrew I adore, and little Emerson too! He’s such a great dad and can I say very loving and romantic. Gosh he was like just so perfect! I just thought he was dumb for marrying his ex even after all the cheating when they were still dating and all, but I guess he was grieving when he lost Bailey after she found herself a boyfriend, her now ex-husband.

I will also have to say I read this like it was a NA romance. Not sure how that makes me feel because they’re in their early 30′s but yeah. They sometime act or at least made me feel like they were still in their 20′s but I guess it worked?

But all in all, the book was amazing, I hated their exs, Bailey sometime got on my nerves but I moved passed it. Their best friends on the other hand should get their own book! They were super helpfull in bring these two people together they should absolutely get their love story told. Which I think there is a very high chance that they will.

There were many typos, editing, and grammar flaws but understandable because I received an ARC so it’s all good. Hope the finished edit is great. So yes, it was a great read and for any fast romance development with second chances and healing, this will be great.

This eARC was provided by the publishers.

Rating: 4 out of 5


Review: eARC Latymer by Tracey Devlyn

Latymer COVERReview:

Oh my Gosh!!! I can’t tell how long I’ve been waiting to get the ending of Tracey’s Nexus series!
If you have read the third book in her series you know that we have been doped! Doped as in left hanging yet not really because it was a HEA and still it wasn’t because, well, there was no, NO ending to the case. But in this novella it does.

But now we do have it and it’s just, sad.

Not sad as in it suck and wasn’t good but sad as in, touching and remorseful and, SAD.
In here we got to see things from the points of view of Latymer (for one), from his son Giles (that poor child), and from the ever revengeful Mac (whom we’ve all been waiting to read and see him have a HEA of his own).

I don’t want to have spoilers but it’s just going to be a sad and still action packed fill read. Of course it will be sad because of all the bad things that had happen in the past three books and that Latymer is a criminal, but we felt for him in here and got to see his side of the story to his actions; which made it hard to hate him so much even if we got the same feeling back then when we got some of his POVs in the previous books too. But this one was super stronger in where we really wanted something to change the whole situation. Well, at least I felt that way.

And yes we got little Giles’ POV and it’s just heart wrenching to read his emotions and thoughts while fearing for his and Latymer’s future. He was a brave boy.

And then Mac. Mac really surprised me because I wasn’t expecting to see him be apart of this story, but I was really happy he was. He was more soft now and I really wanted more from him about his past life but we got most of that in the last book so it wasn’t needed here yet I still wanted it. I also really wanted more……… just more out of his and Amelia’s love story. I felt it was rushed and quick to be done with. Yes their story was also told in the past book, partially. And Yes this is call Latymer not Mac but I really did want more development and all that mess even if it might have turned into a whole book on it’s own.

But everything was great and I highly enjoyed it. Can I say I teared? I didn’t out right bawled but I teared and got choked up but it was good. Might blame it on the previous book I read but it was good. It brought an end to the story and I was happy and sad all together.

But now I can not wait though for the next installment of the Nexus. Apparently Tracey is writing a fourth with the handsome theif-taker Cameron Adair.  Shall I tell you my guess as the Heroine? Charlotte Fielding~ Teehee

This eARC was provided by the author for an honest review.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5
4 half review

Review: eARC Rome by Jay Crownover

rome*( Warning: Might have Some Spoilers~) 


Wow. All I can say is wow! Even though I haven’t read the two previous books in this amazing series of the Marked Men I absolutely loved it! I may have to trace my steps backwards.
So, Rome has just returned from service a couple of months or weeks ago and is having difficulty transitioning back into civilian life with his friends and family. He doesn’t even know if he really belonged anywhere anymore.

He’s angry at the world and angry for not being able to protect the ones he cared for. Having anger towards everyone: his parents and Shaw for hiding secrets about his youngest brother Remy; at Remy for keeping secrets from him and dying; at Remy’s twin brother Rule, for taking up a relationship with Shaw, being happy, and not needing him anymore; the army for letting him go; the civilians for not understanding; at himself for being weak, scared, and failing as a big brother and good son; and at Cora, for picking, probing, and getting into his heart. He’s just been drowning himself in sorrow and vodka.

Rome has a huge bridge he needed to cross over and I love how it all came out. Him being angry at everyone and everything made a lot of sense seeing that he was now a veteran and back home to a place he finds he doesn’t fit in anymore, do to all the changes in him. But as the story plays out he finds his way back through the help of a bar, its customers and owner, and the one girl he didn’t think would ever help him, Cora. She’s the only one to ever make him feel…tamed. With her two different eye colors and its piercing gaze, she always tend to see right into his soul with just a glance. And soon she becomes the bright color in his gray world with her tiny blonde frame, colorful flower tattoos, and fluffy fashion. But who is there for her?

Cora is an all out girl who speaks her mind and doesn’t hold back to anyone; most especially to Captain No-Fun, Rome. She’s the headstrong member of the Marked and she doesn’t hold back when her boys are hurt. At first Cora didn’t like Rome because he was ruining the peaceful aura around her friends with his cranky return and always getting into trouble and arguments with Rule one way or another; mostly about Rule’s relationship with Shaw and their parents. Though everyone in the gang claims Rome to be a great guy that was just having a bad day, Cora thinks otherwise. She’s holding out for her Mr. Perfect and Rome isn’t it, he’s a punk and no one needs him around, especially not her because he makes her feel weird and his hunkiness and hug frame is just un-nerving. But little does she know she’s going to be the one person to stand up to the big guy and bring him down to earth. But she has her own insecurities and Rome is making it difficult to choose to let herself go or hold on tight because she has been broken before and she never wants to return to that ever again.

I love their chemistry and how they speak and respond to each other; physically, emotionally, and mentally. They’re both the opposite of what each wanted but they were meant for each other and and I’m not saying just the difference in their body sizes. They’re both mentally able to stand up to each other and knows when to back down. Both of them have the stubborn, leader, and protective personalities which I thought would have been a problem but Jay Crownover made it work for the story and it’s fabulous.

Now, control. Both these characters Love to have control and I love how Rome was able to give up his control and hand it to Cora. He wasn’t so “up in your face” in charge and was very likable with his easy going self under all that roughness and crankiness throughout the whole story. I found I liked him more than Cora in fact. Cora was more, “in your face,” very pushy, and masculine? Yes, she has reason to be that way but it took me more time to see her as the girly girl that she was. I liked her because of her “I’m not a dixie blonde” who can’t stand up for herself personality and strong character-ship, but I did have moments where I wanted to smack her because of her bossy and selfishness. The sex between them were steamy hot, fast, and just mind blowing! Sure they did it many time in the book and I wanted it to have focused more on their relationship but it worked and I got more of their relationship as I read on to the end.

Should I also say I teared and about cried in this book? Yup, it was such an amazing “moving forward and forgive” kind of story that it got to me. Not sure if it was because I was just super moody or because the book previous to this read was still clinging to my emotions or what but yes, I teared. Moving forward was a huge part of this story so that was a huge hit for me.

Oh, and the secondary characters were amazing! I know Rule, Shaw, Jet, and Ayden already had their stories told but the rest of the gang I just can’t wait! Nash will be next in line and I’ve always liked him. It’ll be a rough ride indeed with his, and then there’s Rowdy. I definitely like him! Anyone that can make Rome jealous, it’s Rowdy. :)

So the only con I had was the editing. It was really getting on my nerves but I did receive an ARC so it was understandable. I just hope they fixed it for the final.

But all in all, I absolutely enjoyed this read and will definitely be looking forward to read Nash’s, since we did end on a huge, Major end for him where we’ll pick up with in his story.
This eARC was provided by Harper Collins via Edelweiss.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5
4 half review

Review: eARC Lord of the Sea by Danelle Harmon

lord of the sea*Warning: There will be spoilers, I think?*

I know I’m very late in posting my reviews and especially for this one but it’s better later than never, right?

Okay, I’ve had this book since before it released and as a beta reader for it, I’m so pleased to have been given the chance to read it.

All I can say is, Oh my Gosh. I think this one is going to stay with me forever. With the many books I’ve read and encountered, never have I known a story could make me cry for pages on end as this one did. I even know the page where I started tearing  Page 172~ And then bawling non stop after that. Though I muffed it as it was night time and I shared a room, it kept on coming.

I’ve had very little experiences like how I had with this book and it just…. I can’t even explain it. Like there’s no word I can use to tell you how much or what I’m feeling right now after reading this book. What I mean by “right now” is that, this is my second time reading it and it still gets to me every time. It really touched me to the core.

If you’ve read Danelle’s books up till now, this book will leave you…..with A Lot: mentally, emotionally, maybe physically something!!!  It will do things to you that you never ever thought a book or story will ever do to you.


As you know, Conner Merrick is the elusive American privateer who went by the name the “Black Hawk” in the previous books in the series. He’s also the son of the legendary Captain Brandon Merrick of the fastest schooner Kestrel. But also the brother of the feisty Lady Pirate Captain, Maeve Merrick of Kestrel.

He’s never tide down by anything and always going places and doing things; never settled and always restless. He is what we would call or diagnose as having ADHD. But he also have a secret. A major secret that may impinge on his role as Captain.

There’s action and tension all around in this book; there’s a war going on between the Americans and the British. But there’s also a war going on in the family because Conner’s brother-in-law is none other than the admiral of the British army, Gray, Sir Graham, sent to protect the sea from pirates and privateers like Conner.

Rhiannon Evans is Lord Morninghall‘s sister-in-law. She’s young and longing for an adventure and to find that one man to sweep her off her feet. And she knows that man as the “Black Hawk” Conner Merrick. When she comes under the guardianship of Sir Graham and Conner is there visiting things get out of hand and left them bound by marriage. But soon the honeymoon starts to slip and tragedy strikes, now she has to prove that love can bring back someone from the depth of Hell.

I really love this couple. Though Conner made me really angry at times, I can’t stay mad at him. He has his reasons and we get to understand why he does the things he does.  Though he has a temper, he’s restless and always on the go, needing something to do or he’ll go crazy. Though his bride maybe young, she’s no simpleton and is always up to the challenge, even standing up and defying the Captain, her husband aboard Kestrel.

Rhiannon is a strong heroine in her own right even when she may seem to be just another Lady of higher standards. Yes, she’s young but we get to she her grow and become the loving caring woman and wife that she is through her exposure to the war and its hardship while in the guardianship of Sir Graham and through her marriage with Connor.

Ms. Harmon did an amazing job at creating both these characters with flaws and depths that got me to really feel for them as real people and pain for them when things don’t turn out so well. And if you’ve been with this series since the beginning you will understand that this is a family that you’ve been apart of since forever. Even after 12 years absence from the publishing word, Ms. Harmon came back with a huge Bang and brought it full swing. It’s as though she never left but marked our hearts once again with her return.

This was an amazing return for Danelle Harmon and I hope to see even more from her now from what I got from this comeback. I highly recommend this even if you haven’t read the previous books (though highly encouraged first with Captain of My Heart and My Lady Pirate ). This story will most definitely be tattooed into your heart.

This eARC was provided by the author for an honest review.

Rate: 5/5
5 review