ten-ten pm
learning korean is so hard. i thought that it'll be much easier but no, i was wrong. it's not hard to learn the consonants and the vowels, but when i have to read it when it's put together or in a sentence is when it becomes hard. especially when i have to get rid of my informal korean that i learned from k-dramas. it's super hard trying not to speak informally. and i have such a hard time understand when spoken to orally. argh, i feel so dumb, how am i to survive when i to go to korea? i can always use an ipod word translator. hummm. have to start studying hard from now on if i want to pass!!
ten-twenty pm




ten-twenty-three pm
lifenow is very busy and barely have time to relax. woke up at six-thirty am and going to sleep at around one am. leg is tired and sore from standing and moving about all day. very bored and want to read but is also very tired. should go wash up for bed but want to watch anime and k-drama. should eat too since haven't yet. yea.....
ten-twenty-eight pm