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Latymer COVERReview:

Oh my Gosh!!! I can’t tell how long I’ve been waiting to get the ending of Tracey’s Nexus series!
If you have read the third book in her series you know that we have been doped! Doped as in left hanging yet not really because it was a HEA and still it wasn’t because, well, there was no, NO ending to the case. But in this novella it does.

But now we do have it and it’s just, sad.

Not sad as in it suck and wasn’t good but sad as in, touching and remorseful and, SAD.
In here we got to see things from the points of view of Latymer (for one), from his son Giles (that poor child), and from the ever revengeful Mac (whom we’ve all been waiting to read and see him have a HEA of his own).

I don’t want to have spoilers but it’s just going to be a sad and still action packed fill read. Of course it will be sad because of all the bad things that had happen in the past three books and that Latymer is a criminal, but we felt for him in here and got to see his side of the story to his actions; which made it hard to hate him so much even if we got the same feeling back then when we got some of his POVs in the previous books too. But this one was super stronger in where we really wanted something to change the whole situation. Well, at least I felt that way.

And yes we got little Giles’ POV and it’s just heart wrenching to read his emotions and thoughts while fearing for his and Latymer’s future. He was a brave boy.

And then Mac. Mac really surprised me because I wasn’t expecting to see him be apart of this story, but I was really happy he was. He was more soft now and I really wanted more from him about his past life but we got most of that in the last book so it wasn’t needed here yet I still wanted it. I also really wanted more……… just more out of his and Amelia’s love story. I felt it was rushed and quick to be done with. Yes their story was also told in the past book, partially. And Yes this is call Latymer not Mac but I really did want more development and all that mess even if it might have turned into a whole book on it’s own.

But everything was great and I highly enjoyed it. Can I say I teared? I didn’t out right bawled but I teared and got choked up but it was good. Might blame it on the previous book I read but it was good. It brought an end to the story and I was happy and sad all together.

But now I can not wait though for the next installment of the Nexus. Apparently Tracey is writing a fourth with the handsome theif-taker Cameron Adair.  Shall I tell you my guess as the Heroine? Charlotte Fielding~ Teehee

This eARC was provided by the author for an honest review.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5
4 half review

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