Review: eARC Lord of the Sea by Danelle Harmon

lord of the sea*Warning: There will be spoilers, I think?*

I know I’m very late in posting my reviews and especially for this one but it’s better later than never, right?

Okay, I’ve had this book since before it released and as a beta reader for it, I’m so pleased to have been given the chance to read it.

All I can say is, Oh my Gosh. I think this one is going to stay with me forever. With the many books I’ve read and encountered, never have I known a story could make me cry for pages on end as this one did. I even know the page where I started tearing  Page 172~ And then bawling non stop after that. Though I muffed it as it was night time and I shared a room, it kept on coming.

I’ve had very little experiences like how I had with this book and it just…. I can’t even explain it. Like there’s no word I can use to tell you how much or what I’m feeling right now after reading this book. What I mean by “right now” is that, this is my second time reading it and it still gets to me every time. It really touched me to the core.

If you’ve read Danelle’s books up till now, this book will leave you…..with A Lot: mentally, emotionally, maybe physically something!!!  It will do things to you that you never ever thought a book or story will ever do to you.


As you know, Conner Merrick is the elusive American privateer who went by the name the “Black Hawk” in the previous books in the series. He’s also the son of the legendary Captain Brandon Merrick of the fastest schooner Kestrel. But also the brother of the feisty Lady Pirate Captain, Maeve Merrick of Kestrel.

He’s never tide down by anything and always going places and doing things; never settled and always restless. He is what we would call or diagnose as having ADHD. But he also have a secret. A major secret that may impinge on his role as Captain.

There’s action and tension all around in this book; there’s a war going on between the Americans and the British. But there’s also a war going on in the family because Conner’s brother-in-law is none other than the admiral of the British army, Gray, Sir Graham, sent to protect the sea from pirates and privateers like Conner.

Rhiannon Evans is Lord Morninghall‘s sister-in-law. She’s young and longing for an adventure and to find that one man to sweep her off her feet. And she knows that man as the “Black Hawk” Conner Merrick. When she comes under the guardianship of Sir Graham and Conner is there visiting things get out of hand and left them bound by marriage. But soon the honeymoon starts to slip and tragedy strikes, now she has to prove that love can bring back someone from the depth of Hell.

I really love this couple. Though Conner made me really angry at times, I can’t stay mad at him. He has his reasons and we get to understand why he does the things he does.  Though he has a temper, he’s restless and always on the go, needing something to do or he’ll go crazy. Though his bride maybe young, she’s no simpleton and is always up to the challenge, even standing up and defying the Captain, her husband aboard Kestrel.

Rhiannon is a strong heroine in her own right even when she may seem to be just another Lady of higher standards. Yes, she’s young but we get to she her grow and become the loving caring woman and wife that she is through her exposure to the war and its hardship while in the guardianship of Sir Graham and through her marriage with Connor.

Ms. Harmon did an amazing job at creating both these characters with flaws and depths that got me to really feel for them as real people and pain for them when things don’t turn out so well. And if you’ve been with this series since the beginning you will understand that this is a family that you’ve been apart of since forever. Even after 12 years absence from the publishing word, Ms. Harmon came back with a huge Bang and brought it full swing. It’s as though she never left but marked our hearts once again with her return.

This was an amazing return for Danelle Harmon and I hope to see even more from her now from what I got from this comeback. I highly recommend this even if you haven’t read the previous books (though highly encouraged first with Captain of My Heart and My Lady Pirate ). This story will most definitely be tattooed into your heart.

This eARC was provided by the author for an honest review.

Rate: 5/5
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