Review: eARC A Little Too Hot by LISA DESROCHERS


A Little Too Hot is so very HOT!!!
I can not tell you how hot it is. From the very first I was hooked and it kept getting better and Better.
I never thought I would love it so much, but oh man, I do! If you have read the previous two books in this Hot series you know it can get really steamy in here quick. And in this latest, Gosh it was steamy from the first I read about that stranger Harrison!
Oh my Harrison! I’m not trying to swear but Oh My Gosh! He’s so hot and I thought Alessandro from A Little Too Much was hot, Harrison is to die for~
Okay so we have Samantha whom we met in book one, A Little Too Far who was Trent’s girlfriend and bestie to his step-sister, Lexie. If you’ve read the book you know what all came down. We also got a mixed feeling for Sam in that book, but now she has her own story.
So Sam has been kicked out of her home by her mother and has no job or a place to stay. Therefore she asked her friend Jonathan to stay with him and his roommate. He agrees but hooked her up at a gentlemen’s bar (not to mistake it for a strip club) to pay for her share of the rent.
Sam obliges and gets the job dancing for the customers and so on.
But sparks starts to fly when she spots a Mysterious gentleman and once she got a called to dance privately for the Mysterious gentleman, she couldn’t help herself but want to get under him and throw the rules over her head of no touching, close contact, and all those no nos with the customers.
So there are more private VIPs with Mr. Harrison Yates and some super sweaty hot scenes which, trust me, they were worth it!
But of course things aren’t always what they seems and once Sam crossed that road of client and something more with Harrison, she threw herself into unknown territory with him.
Harrison as you may know has secrets and well, they are hug depending how you want to see it. They change the story dramatically which I love because it made the story even better! It’s really hard not to love him.
I really love how Lisa once again got my mind and heart pounding! I couldn’t put the book down and was on the edge of my seat throughout the whole read! And I also read it in One Whole Seating! Should I even say there was some suspense? I know I got that from the previous book but it really worked in this one! And the twists and turns!!! Oh man. I had to take a breather just to let everything settled in. Shall I say this was both before and after the turns of events?!
Every time I turned the pages I just get thrown in and out of feeling really tighten up with nervousness or holding my breath in….some kind of swooning senselessness! Harrison is just a God!! My goodness!
It actually got me thinking about working at a gentlemen’s bar if I can find a man that Hot and Sexy! Wow!
And even though it was in the POV of Sam like all the other previous books with only the heroine’s view, I didn’t mind it but gosh how I would love to get into Harrison’s head!
I also really loved the chemistry between Sam and Harrison. They have a really hot and great chemistry. Not just because they have a very different background but because their sex drive and hunger for each other was so strong and out of the world that I couldn’t ignore it. Even from the very beginning it was there and not just because Sam was dressed skimpy in barely nothing or getting it down on the pole but man, I swear I could feel their sexiness oozing out of my Kindle!
I just  got to say I didn’t think Lisa can pull any thing up against Alessandro but man I was wrong.
Harrison is my sexy Hunk for this year’s ‘Gotta have that Hunky Hot Sex Abs’! I might even have to start that Meme after him.
Wow, I’m getting hot and giddy and you just have to pick this baby up when it releases! Thank you Lisa and the people at Harper Collins for giving me this opportunity to read this book!!! Phew.
But if you really want to know how this book made me feel, I suggest you watch Bruno Mars’ Gorilla music video. Hot~!!!
This eARC was provided by the Publishers via Edelweiss.
Rate: 5 / 5

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