(Another long) Review: In Her Dreams by Katherine Givens


In Her Dreams is my first read of Katherine Givens’ work and I highly enjoyed it! This was a very short novella with two POVs from two sisters trying to find the love of their dreams~

I cannot tell you how much this little story made me giggle and smile like a looney. It was all just too cute and adorable, if I can say that about a book.

You have the beautiful and rebellious elder sister, Evangeline who’s on the brick of spinsterhood and hell bent on finding her own true love while her scheming mother wants to marry her off to the handsome Duke of Manchester.

And then you have the lovely docile and meek younger sister, Angela who’s too afraid to over step their mother’s boundaries and is head over heels in love with the man who’s to be her future brother-in-law.

I really love how we got two separate POVs from both these sisters’ views on their lives and how they viewed things.

On one hand you have Evangeline who’s head bent on defying their mother’s plan on wedding her off to a man she doesn’t love let alone can’t stand in the presence of; while Angela is the abiding and docile daughter who doesn’t want to upset or ruin the image of herself and her family’s name, let alone anger their mother, and she sees a loving caring man out of her sister’s intended.

Yes, we have a whole lot of stuff going on in this little story. And there is a lot of drama, yet there isn’t for such a short story.

The only drama that will be in store for you is the tension between Evangeline and their mother. But there are other things at works too, like the tension between defying the rules and following your heart or be biddable and heartbroken. And of course there’s the disagreement on how both sisters see things in regards to their role in society and towards their mother, and of course their love lives.

Okay, yes, that’s a lot of drama, right? But it’s great! And I bet you know which problem is attached to which sisters’ story. But anyways, there is also some other strange plot or theme going on. There is a “paranormal” aspect to it if you will believe me.

Yes, you read that right. Paranormal!!!

You’re thinking, “But this is Historical?”

Yes, but why can’t we have some fun, aye?

Okay, so the title of the book is, In Her Dreams, which has a huge part in the story. You see, this is where the paranormal part of the book emerges. The reason why Evangeline is so adamant against her “supposed” betrothed to the Duke is not just because Angela loves the man but it’s because she has “met” the man of her dreams. And not just that, but she “met” him in her dreams. Literally!
Every night, or every time, for a couple of months now when Evangeline falls asleep she meets this man “in her dreams,” and it’s love in heaven. Well, until she’s woken up of course and reality hits.
But of course, it’s a romance and there is bound to be HEAs, so there are happy endings all around.
So you want to know what happens? Get the book.

Another thing, even if I didn’t get any POVs from the heroes the way I wanted too, I still really enjoyed reading it. I even enjoyed how the sisters described them and their actions. And from those views and interactions with each of the men from the sisters, it made me fall in love with the heroes~ I can’t say much about them but all I know is that they made me brood for them. Even if I barely know them. Their actions were all telling signs that they were all worth the brooding. Sighs.

Oh, and I really hated their mother!!! Urgh, she really got on my bad side. So pushy and bossy! But I really love how strong and defiant Evangeline is and just kept on being herself and didn’t let that mother of theirs get her down. You go girl, speak your mind and defy that Looney of a mother! And of course Angela was always listening to their mother.

But then there was this one part where Evangeline admitted that she missed her mother who used to bring her pastries and read to her as a child, who taught her to dream big and live her dreams. I really wanted to know what happened there. Like did their mother really changed that much because her daughters were reaching the stage of spinsterhood without even catching any suitors? It just got me very curious to its background story.

But anyways, I highly enjoyed this short read. Sure I figured everything out from the very instant once things were in place; I still liked it and wanted to see where it would take me. There were scenes that really made me laugh when I wasn’t expecting it, which was a very good thing, and it was all adorable and smiles.

So yes, I highly recommend this for a fun, quick, and romantic read. Even if you want something to be angry about this will work too.

This ARC was provided by the author for an honest review.

I give this a 4 out of 5.
4 review

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