Review: eARC A Dnagerous Invetation by Erica Monroe

a dangerous invitation

(Whoops, sorry this review took longer than I thought to write. But please do enjoy.)

Debut authors are always etchy for me. Yes, they’re new and I’m very intrigue with the presentation of their debut books but sometime they fail at it. But I do always give them a try and even a couple more tries after because, I either love their series, the characters, their writing skills, and story telling, or sometimes I just want to give them another try because it won’t hurt to give them another chance.

And this one is a huge hit for me. I have been “following” Ms. Erica Monroe for awhile now. I’m not sure for how long but I have been waiting for this release since I first stumbled onto her blog/site when she was still in the process of writing it and man, I was blown away by the synopsis of it.
I mean, hello, Grave Robbers? Body Snatchers? Count me in!

Ms. Monroe did so much research for this book that I…I’m just wowed by it. She had facts in her story to back up all of the research she had did and she mixed it into her story, this story, very well. Many people, readers, complain about stories not being “Historically correct” and Ms. Monroe, I thought did a very great job, a super fantastic job in pulling and adding the needed and known facts into her work to make it real.

I personally have done my own research about the Grave Robbers and Body Snatchers and all those famous criminals during those times once upon a time in school, so it was really really exciting to see that and re-read those small bits of information in this romance. I mean it really had a huge part in this story and over all for this series I believe.

Yes, I should be reviewing the book and story but I am!! All these bits and facts just makes me super ecstatic about this book because of all the research that was put into it for it to become Alive~ Okay, that was in Frankenstein but it works!  I just love it!

So we have Kate whom was raised in a well family by a father who worked in the shipping company, but then everything went wrong one night when her father’s assistant Daniel was accused of murdering a fellow employee. Dissembling his body in a horrifying way. Daniel then ran away leaving everything behind including Kate to the hounds. You see, Kate and Daniel were preparing to get married and when he ran, her whole world came crashing down not so long after that. Her father’s company crumbled, her father then dies with little to no penny left to his name plus, a ruined reputation to his and her name, and Kate ends up in the streets defending for herself. But she grew to know the streets of the dark side of London and worked her way to save, protect, and steal from the riches to survive. She made it her living. Then one day a dead man came back into her life and turned it back on its head once more. Daniel.

Daniel felt guilty for ruining Kate’s life and abandoning her to the sharks and criminals of London. So when he got news that he can clear his name from a “spy” from the dark side of London, he took it and sought out Kate for her help. But of course it wasn’t that easy, Kate wasn’t the Kate he knew during their younger years and she isn’t willing to help him despite knowing that he wasn’t a murderer, sort of. She wasn’t willing to work with an accused and wanted murderer or be a target herself from those working on the darker side of London. Either way Daniel isn’t leaving her behind again and is even trying to penetrate her closed heart to get her to see or feel for him once again, like he still does for her.

All I can say is that there are lots of angst in this story. Yes, it revolves around death and murder and dark corners of the London streets and all, but it worked and it worked for their love story.  Of course they’re both somewhat stubburned and like to keep things to themselves, in their heads, but they know there are sexual tensions and attraction there. Hehe

Once the investigation gets underway to the murder, it just gets better and better! And when danger approaches and revelations come undone……….It turns the whole story upside down.

I love that we got to see lots of changes in Kate’s character, which I really enjoyed. It showed her from a young and loyal girl who dreamed of living a life that is protected and secure from the dangers of the world with Daniel to living in fear, afraid and full of anger at the world and the people, and then to the hatred towards Daniel when he came back. But as we all know it Daniel starts to penetrate her cold and hard exterior and she starts to live again even if she’s still in the dark and well, she became a strong and loving woman. Which leads to her and Daniel’s HEA with a full character change and development and a new look at life and love.

Daniel, I have always loved him. Yes he made some mistakes in the past but they were very understandable. And after years on the run and working his butt off to find the culprit, he was willing to risk his life to return to the ring and to the girl he loved. I love the way he thinks. I felt the  same way about Kate too but Daniel just has so much love towards Kate that I just… I love him.

Oh, one thing I loved about this story is that the characters are commoners. Yes! Regular working people. I know that there are many Historicals set during this time frame with lots of smoking hot dreamy aristocrats with titles. From Marquesses to Dukes, Viscounts to Earls, Lords and Barons, Sirs and gentleman.  Yes, I love them all! But gosh I just love common men as heroes~ And this is one books with a sexy common hero.

So, if you love common heroes and ladies, this is one for you. And of course remember it’s a dark and gritty story surrounding death, murder, some suspense, and a lot of angst, kind of. So if you’re not up to that, don’t try this fantastic book and give it a poorly written review because it was too…..dark. Just don’t, that wouldn’t be fair.

But if you love those kind of stuff like I do! Go for it!

This eARC was provided by the author.

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