Review: Platinum Pleasures by Kate Deveaux

Platinum Pleasures
GENRE: Erotic Romance, Novella
One night…one fantasy for hire…one sizzling case of mistaken identity.

Ainsley Simmons can hardly believe she’s ordered a fantasy lover online for Valentine’s — a man to indulge her deepest sexual desires for the entire evening. But she’s in for more than a Valentine’s surprise when a much younger Mr. R. shows up at her door in a classic case of mistaken identity.
Ainsley has the night of her life being pleasured by the much younger and demanding multi-millionaire until she discovers he’s not her fantasy lover after all.
He’s even better than that…

Platinum Pleasure is a fun and steamy short read and is the first book I’ve read from Kate Deveaux. And I can tell you it won’t be my last~

This story stars Ainsley who’s in her forties with a successful career but is alone on Valentines day after her ex-boyfriend left her for a much younger woman some weeks prior. In her loneliness she decides to take advantage of the assistance her friend slipped her a week prior in the form of a card, Fantasy Inc., in which they will send you a fantasy lover who’ll provide  you sexual pleasures of your dreams! So, kind of on a whim she took the offer and started checking off the list to create her lover for one night. And by chance she decided to pick a much younger lover, maybe as a way to get back at her ex for choosing a much younger lady? But she wants someone to dominate her and give her the release she craves. But there’s one catch, she didn’t expect the very young and sexy gentleman at her door to be a case of mistaken identity.

Marcus, a young entrepreneur is on his way home to enjoy a lonely Valentine’s Day decides at the last minute to take on a delivery for his assistant. Having lost the love of his life years prior he didn’t think to ever find another to take her place until the occupant of the delivery opened her door showing him all her glory in sheer lace! Amused and in total shock he lets the sexy lady do her damage on him.

Not wanting to reveal their identity for it’s only one night of flame gave each other aliases. Mrs. R and Mr. R. After some really steamy scenes she finds out that the young man she’s been playing with was not her fantasy lover. Horrified and absolutely stupefied, she tried her best to not think about it. And this was where all the fun came in! Trying to explain what just happened.

But Marcus had given her something that she has never been given…. Being older and not getting any younger she feels beat out by the much younger and prettier woman and having her ex-boyfriend leave her for a younger woman just poked at her self-esteem about her looks even more. But being with Marcus was different. He made her feel beautiful in her own skin and even though their “acquaintance” had been short they had so much in common. Both having lost something, they connected and fulfilled what they other needed, through companionship and just someone to be there to listen to and talk with.

Marcus feeling this unsuspecting relationship grow begins to change how he saw his life and began showing how life could get better if he can just get Ainsley to believe him.
Awww~ This story really made me smile and giddy all over. I find that short stories like this does that to me a lot. They’re just so quick and to the point that I can’t help but just love it! Although I would have loved for it to be longer it had everything that makes it a great story from background information to development of characters throughout the story.

This is one short story folks should really try if they want something quick, hot, and steamy, and it comes with a full story to tell!!!

I can’t believe I’ve been missing out on Kate’s works! So now it’s time to fix that problem~ :D

Rating: 4.5 out 5

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