Review: Burdened by Peiri Ann

Burdened 2 

Wow, I was surprised by this book. At first I wasn’t sure what to think but it was interesting. It started off slow for me but once both these characters met I was pulled back into the story and was very much into finding out what was going to happen.

Both of these two, Nathan and Tracey, hit it off right from the start after she got hit by his car. Don’t worry, she was in her own car so it wasn’t that bad but of course she blacks out literally from his touch. So from here on out she’s bind to him and can feel every emotion of hurt, pain, love, and happiness  from him, through him, and with him. Of course he’s also in her head reading her thoughts too and can telecommunicate with her which is funny and can be a bit difficult to follow but was pretty funny and enjoyable to read.

I can tell you I liked Nathan, the hero a lot. He was the kind of hero that spoke to me because he wasn’t afraid to do as he wished and did things the way he liked them to be done. He knew how to control himself lets say, and didn’t hold back; he was also very open about his feelings towards

Tracey. And of course he’s always the one that is rational when they’re together, but then he is the problem to why Tracey isn’t in her right mind. Because of his strong influence on how she feels towards him when they’re around each other and him towards her, she isn’t strong enough to control both her and his own desires yet. So it was super sweet of him when he didn’t give into their desires and watched out for her in that way because he knows she’s smarter than that than jump on a guy she barely even knew. Oh yeah, and he’s not “normal”. He looks like a human but he’s a Sephlem, a creature of sorts with tainted demon’s blood, the most feared and dangerous kind of Sephlem.

That being said, Tracey can be a bit….off. She’s not the most interesting person but I liked her in getting the story moving. She likes things done quick and to the point. She doesn’t like waiting around for things to happen and can be very upfront and reserved. She’s strong in her own way and independent but she can be aloof at times and many times when she’s with Nathan. But she’s fearless and risks her life to be with Nathan, dispite knowing that she, or the both of them could die.

There is one thing though, I’m not sure if it was the way the author portrayed Tracey in they way she wrote her in first person but I knew I liked her, just not as much as I would have liked from how it was written. It wasn’t bad but that was the part that held me back on really enjoying her as a heroine.
When I started this book I knew something was up or brewing when it came down to “explaining” what Nathan was but I didn’t know how it was all going to effect the story or keep it going other than endangering both of their lives. But one sure thing that kept beating my head was that this story was for Twilight fans. And sure enough it was really close to the story, Beautiful Creatures – just the opposite in gender and other stuff. But yes, that was what it reminded me of right when it hit the part where the hero Nathan disclosed to her what he was and how it’ll effect their relationship. But anyways……

For a 400 page book I found it kind of too fast paced on the relationship part. I just couldn’t figure out or believe that they could really fall for each other that quick even if the attraction was all there. I was hoping for more of a build up to the relationship rather than just jumping right on it. It was good but I wanted a bit more but then it would have thrown off the whole plot and mystery and all that so maybe it was just me. Plus, it’s a paranormal and love at first sight, touch, sense….etc…. it all throws it off balance.

So yup, the story was very interesting. How there were many ups and downs to the story as both of them fight to survive whomever it is that’s trying to separate their love and even kill them while doing it. There were lots of tensions and sexual tensions which was great and to which I highly enjoyed because of its pure teenage lust full of exploding hormones! But yeah, It’ll say it was a great run reading this, I wouldn’t mind reading another one of these if there were to be a squeal of sorts.

And the only true problem I had with this book were the grammatical errors and word building choices chosen to tell the story. They can be a bit distracting and truthfully, it almost landed this in the DNF pile, but I just wanted to know more about what was going to happen and it was a good ride.
Not particularly a paranormal reader I though it was good.

This book was generously provided by the author for an honest review.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

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