Review: Moonstone Obsesssion by Elizabeth Ellen Carter

Moonstone Obsesssion


I have had this on my list forever! And I'm super happy to have gotten a chance to finally read it and can I say I absolutely loved it!

Right from the gecko I was hooked on this story. The prologue was just sad and heartbreaking. I'm not sure if it was due to the fact that I was listening to a certain song that evoked a certain feeling in me but I was struck speechless after I read the prologue. It left much to speculate about how the story was going to go about the mystery and with the whole romance plot.

But as to my knowledge of romance stories and their way of storytelling, there will be a HEA nevertheless!

But we start off with the heroine, Selina Rosewall, a spinster going to London for the first time as support for her shipping Captain of a brother William to gain support and partnerships in their shipping business. She has given up on love and marriage of her own because she's just a seafarer's daughter with no dowry or anything to her name. So she has made her decision to go into work as a governess or a lady's companion.

Of course she didn't know how much her world would be changed by attending a homecoming ball with her brother and meeting the hostess's son Lord Peventen, James Mitchell.

James has returned after 6 years to take his father's place as head of the household and to his dismay, back to the marriage market and to that of a lady he dislikes, his supposed intended, Lady Abigail, Princess in waiting.

His mother has wanted the suit for a very long time and after ditching Lady Abigail after finding another man between her legs 6 years ago, he has vowed never to fall prey to her or any other again. But of course she won't back down for he has returned and no one ever refuses her, she's the Princess in waiting! And like it or not, she gets what she wants. Being her enemy will not be the best idea.
So what does he do? Avoid and ignore by taking advantage of his new friend William Rosewall and partner up with his sister in a dance. But as it turns out he finds the young Miss fascinating and intelligent, nothing like any other women he has meet before.

But to his perturbation, he finds he has competition in Viscount Canalissy, a neighbor and a unfortunate friend of Lady Abigail's.

As things would turn out, James and Selina's relationship turns to friendship and then to mutual attraction as they spend more time with each other throughout the last weeks of summer. And as they become friendlier, Lady Abigail becomes more tenacious

But James is a spy trying to find the missing answered to a sunken ship and murder of a well-known sea Captain carrying cargo pertinent in helping supply to start a revolution. And things doesn't get any better when threats are about and Selina and her family gets pulled into its peril.

This really is a fun read and it absolutely got me smiling and laughing at many witticisms! I absolutely enjoyed many of the secondary characters for they made the story more enjoyable and helped moved and add information to build and relieve stress, tension, misunderstandings, and Romance!

Selina is a very smart and sweet girl. She's very aware of the political issues going on and is not afraid to speak her mind on such subjects if brought to her attention. Although she can be outspoken and talk politics, she knows her place as a woman and knows when to hold her tongue. She also reflects on her actions and contemplates a lot about her future. She's also strong and can stand up for herself when need be, like against that of Lady Abigail's venomous remarks. One thing I found as her flaw was jumping to conclusions. Her views of James and his relationship with Lady Abigail is just misled even if he tells her ahead of time that he had no attention to court Lady Abigail, she jumps to conclusions anyways and disregard his assertions. But I still like her because everything else is perfect in making her a likeable heroine.

James is also very intelligent and more willing to act on what he wants, Selina. But he's also very thoughtful and attentive to others around him. Which made him perfect for a spy. He's not easily trusting of others for he's seen how cruel and unhappy his parents’ marriage was with his mother being a "fraud" and making the marriage unbearable for his kind father. He knows he wants a love match marriage but he also knows it's difficult to find one in his situation being a Lord and all. And when he found Selina, he was willing to forgo anything to be with her no matter what happens and does everything in his power to remind and show her whenever he gets the chance to let her know he loves her. I found his actions very romantic and sweet! Plus he thinks of Selina's future vastly to even ensuring if anything happens to him that she will live safely.

Some problems I had with this were the blunt and plainly use of first names for their time period. Between James and Selina, I was okay with but I found it shocking at first that they were so casual in calling each other by first names from the beginning without giving permission or having a second thought or reference to it. Another thing was calling James's mother Lady Christina and not Lady Peventen? She should be Lady Peventen right for his father is the late Lord Peventen. Not even James is called Peventen if I remembered correctly besides from Viscount Canalissy.

So, over all Moonstone Obsession is a very enjoyable and a very great read. It was longer than I thought but that didn't deter me from reading it and having a great time.

If you enjoy mystery, adventure, well-paced romance, great characters, and historical romances this will be great for you.

Rating: 4.5 out 5

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