Review: Just a Kiss by Ally Broadfield


Oh, I’m just so excited! After I read this book, my very first book from Ms. Ally Broadfield, I directly went to her website and searched up her booklist. Sadly she only had this book which I believe now is her debut book -Hooray!!!- But I checked up her upcoming books and she has more works coming!!! An anthology with other authors and…….A sequel to Just A Kiss!!!! Squeals~!!! Sadly I have to wait till 2015!!! Why~? :’(

But I’m hoping she has more ideas for this series because I’m concocting my own ideas for fellow secondary characters and already have my couples lined up from the beginning! I know right, I’m crazy like that.


Sebastian, Lord Marley is just the most adorable hero out there. He’s the most sought out bachelor in the ton and his cute grandmother has hopes for him to wed before she gets too old to live. And because he loves her dearly, he complies. But what happens when he finds his interests lies in the form of a penniless girl being rudely ridiculed by more fortunate girls at a ball? Help her of course!

Charlotte Lightwood is orphaned and is going to be forced to marry her wretched sister-in-law’s clammy horrid of a cousin if she doesn’t find a suitable suitor to marry, pronto! Having no title or dowry to her name that’s going to be tough but as luck will have it a certain Lord has a proposition for her in the form of help him secure a suitable wife and he’ll help her find a suitable husband. But what happens when she finds that he may be the one but wants her help to secure her friend’s hand? Well, despite having feelings for him, she’ll let him help her find a suitor, anyone is better than that horrid of a cousin, a rake or a blue-collar.

Both these characters hit it off from the start and I highly enjoyed their conversations. They didn’t hold back and spoke plainly to each other. They have back to back jeers that were very fun to follow and show so much of their personality and character outside of their social status. They’re both easy going, kind loving characters and always think of others. They’re both also strong independently and dislike the rules of the ton on how one should act and stuff. They find it so, unbelievable.

The storyline moved smoothly with the setting and plans they had in place to find suitable spouses for each other. The only thing that I had a problem with was the word choices chosen. Some of them were too modern for me to be used for the time period. There were very little of them that it didn’t bother me so much or took me out of the story but there were enough for me to still remember them and pause.

The secondary characters were fabulous! I super loved them. One is Charlotte’s niece Amelia. Amelia is patiently waiting for her own season after Charlotte weds first since her mother doesn’t want both her daughter and sister-in-law to come out at the same time and for Charlotte to ruin Amelia’s image. But Amelia couldn’t care less because she loves her aunt and is getting tired of her mother’s antics. I super want Amelia to get her own story, which I think may happen soon but not at this moment. She was a crucial part in advising Charlotte to do as she pleased and to defy her mother, Charlotte’s sister-in-law, and we see Amelia’s change in character from quiet docile to debugging her mother’s ideas as the story progressed. Yay!

Anna was also a crucial part of the story because she is the girl Sebastian is hoping to win and is a good friend of Charlotte. Anna is just so caring and sweet, she doesn’t care if suitors line up for her hand in England, she just wants to go home to Russia and marry a fellow mate there. Plus she helped pushed Charlotte to follow her heart and stop following the way the ton wanted things to be done in the form of marriages. And Lord Ashdown, he’s just someone I’m looking forward to seeing more of. He has a humorous side to his character and we know he’s caring and watchful of Charlotte even without being told to by Sebastian. Is there something more there than meets the eye? I don’t know but I had a feeling….. But just from that it makes him all the more mysterious and interesting which got me thinking and hoping to hook him up with ones of these two ladies: Amelia or Anna? I’m not sure who yet but I’m definitely excited for the second book which is Anna’s story~!!!

So as you can tell, I super enjoyed my reading of this short story. Yes it’s a short story but for me it was a great short story because it didn’t feel at all short for me. In under 130 pages it was a great romance that got me smiling like literally throughout the whole book. It made me swoon and giddy, smiling like a fool, and man the sexual attraction got me squirmy, in a good way. *wink wink*

So I really really loved it. Ally did a great job of expressing how each character were feeling and got me to also feel those emotions as they did at the same time of their circumstances. Especially of the moments when you know they’re angry but holding it back for propriety sakes and when they’re doing something cute and adorable and you can’t help but grin.

It was very sweet and both characters were very much loved and adored by me from the very beginning.

So, pick up this book for a fun flirty short read that’ll make you smile and wishing to have more from these lovely characters!

This book was provided by the publisher for an honest review.

4.5 out 5

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