Review: Invitation by Christina Hoffman

Invitation 7 
Invitation by Christina Hoffman 
Pages: 187  
Genre: Contemporary Romance  
Format: Paperback/Kindle


Madison Spencer is a serious medical student, focused only on work and hiding her beauty and her once-passionate spirit behind a quiet plain-Jane facade. Since she was drugged, stripped, assaulted and photographed by a vengeful ex, she has stayed away from men and kept her heart and body safe.

But when heart-stoppingly gorgeous Dr. Liam Mason walks into her world, she knows she’s in trouble. After finding out about her devastating past, Liam offers to bring her back to life with physical passion. Madison thinks she should be repelled, but she’s intrigued and can’t turn him away.

Together they explore days and nights of pleasure, and slowly develop into something more than bedmates. Deep inside they each wonder if they’ve found their perfect match. But with Liam’s fear of being dragged down by commitment, and Madison’s fear of being hurt by another man threatening to destroy the world they’ve built together, will they each be strong enough and brave enough to risk their hearts to have it all?
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This is my first book by Christina Hoffman and I really enjoyed it. First off, I really liked the fact that Christina put a disclaimer at the beginning of the book about what we were getting ourselves into and of the reasons why certain precautions were heeded, if I’m making any sense:

…In the interests of the story, I have left safe sex practices out of the lives of these characters. In your own life, though, please remember to always protect yourself and others when enjoying intimate company.
–Christina Hoffman

I know many readers that get turned off by the “no protection” side of safe sex so I really liked that she added that at the beginning, but if you didn’t read the first couple of pages, eg. the dedications and table of contents, then you may have missed it. So it’s always good to read everything so that you know what’s up and not make a fool of yourself while reading and reviewing a book.
But yes, Invitation. As the blurb says there are many boundaries that is holding Madison back. 

Having been through a very traumatic relationship she can’t imagine going through another relationship ever again. She has shut herself to the people around her, most definitely to the opposite sex and hides behind the quiet plain Jane facade using her smarts to mask her once passionate personality. She’s actually really nice and is just trying to get her life back together slowly at a time. With her panic attacks when she’s around men, that would make it difficult but with her friend always looking after her she has nothing to worry about. That is once she spots Liam, it made things even more difficult because she knows she’s attracted to him and I love it that she didn’t push him away. But then she has insecurities that is holding her from truly being herself but with Liam, he brings out the best in her and make her feel at ease so they fit perfectly.

And Liam, ahhh Liam Hemsworth….. Okay not Liam Hemsworth but that’s who I pictured when I read Liam…… But yes, Liam Mason, he’s just amazing! He kept me smiling right for the beginning because he was so clumsy. Not in person but in how he was trying to pick Madison up, flirt with her, that I knew I was going to really like him. I also loved that he gave her time and cared for her personally and didn’t let Madison’s overreactions get to him or stop him from liking her. He’s also very forward in what he says, a good thing because we don’t have to try to figure him out but can also be off putting for others. And despite him not being sure about a serious relationship he was great and I couldn’t dislike him. Plus, he saw through her disguise of being the plain ugly Jane so that definitely says something about him.

I just got to say I really love how Christina pushed us right into the romance from the start. Well, not the romance but the intense attraction that Madison has for this Liam dude. It really made everything go quick and moving that I couldn’t help but smile right along as I read. The witty dialogue the two of them have were fabulously written and got me aww-ing. Gosh they were just too cute! I’m talking about the conversations so that has to say something about Christina’s writing!

So yes, I really like how Christina wrote this story. It’s in first POV from Madison which I don’t mind at all, with only the exception that I really wanted to be in Liam’s head but it worked just fine without his POV because it made him even more heart stoppingly gorgeous and mysterious but still, am I asking for too much? Anyways, how she wrote this just really engaged me. I felt like we were having a conversation of sorts and Madison was telling me all her secrets and love story. Plus, it made me think of how I sometimes write and talk to myself. Hahaha I know, weird and funny but this way of writing really connected with me and I really enjoyed it. 

The sex and how it went about was absolutely fine. I love how they went at it slow and then build it up once Madison was starting to relax. I also loved that Liam gave her control so that she could stop when she wanted and understood that I may take her awhile to trust him with the control. Do I need to say any more? Christina can really write sexy sex scenes I’ll tell you that. 

The only thing that kind of bothered me were how short the chapters were and how quick they got together! Especially for Madison. I felt like sometimes the many chapters weren’t needed to give that break inbetween the changes in scenery. I felt like a break space or the star signs could have done the job just fine to indicate a change of scenes. As for how fast they got together, it was quick. It may seem like it has been a while for the two in the story but they barely knew eachother other than having this strong attraction and working at the same place, but maybe it’s just me. 

All in all, do I recommend this? Heck yes I recommend this! It’s a short read under 200 pages so that’s pretty amazing. Its sweet and loving dialogue will keep you engaged and smiling throughout the entire book and making you root for Liam and Madison’s romance. Of course you can always just root for Liam….. Heeheehee 

This book was provided by the publisher for an honest review. 

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

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