Review :The Temptations of Anna Jacobs by Robyn DeHart



Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh oh my gosh Oh my gosh!!!I’ve been waiting for this book ever since I finished the first book and waited even more through all of her other releases for Entangled and….. Oh my gosh, I can’t believe it’s finally here!!!So, we left off at the end of the previous book with no murderer. But we got a glimpse of who it was. Well, sort of. The murderer is able to move among the ton and the noble with ease~ So that’s super chilling.

And as we all know, Drew is the brother that was accused of the murders!

But of course, why is he the hero in this book if he was sent to accused to be sent to the gallows? Maybe because he’s the brother of Alex, the Eighth Duke of Carrington, the previous hero. And of course because he was sent free on a mission by Investigator Simon Jacobs! Whom we found, because of his actions was shipped off the somewhere in Scotland.

So Drew is set free on a mission to find this killer knowing full well that everyone will be against him, thinking him as the killer. More the better to use that as his cover to figure out who’s framing him!

But of course troubles comes his way and trouble comes in the form of Anna Jacobs, Simon’s sister!
She believes him not the killer, but something much more, a drunkard arrogant prig! But very smoldering sexy. And it was his fault for getting her brother sent off to who knows where in Scotland to be punished for not catching the “Ripper”!

Of course things get hectic and their attraction to each other is fast and steamy! But then the killings is always there and once again throwing Anna and Jacobs together to solve the case.

Both of them are super sweet together and I just couldn’t kept from smiling. Sure they bantered but it was super fun to watch and learn that both of them didn’t judge each other nor care much for what society had termed them.

Sure Drew was dumb enough to get pinned for the murder but he’s turning around and trying to get his life on track. Most definitely his drinking which I was super happy that he was coming to terms that he had a drinking problem. And I loved that he cared about what Anna thought and how she saw things so they made for a very fun couple to follow through this dark and thrill seeking ride.

One thing I had troubles with was the title that Anna kept referring to Drew. Lord Carrington.

Shouldn’t Lord Carrington be referred to his brother the “Duke of Carrington”? That really bothered me sadly. But I do have an advanced copy so hopefully it was caught and edited.

But I super loved this and was hooked right from….well, ever since I finished the first book so I’m biased! LOL

But I really do recommend this and I hope you get ready for the last book in this thrilling ride for when we finally capture the Ripper!!!

This eARC was provided by the publisher for a honest review~

Rating: 5 out 5

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