Review: The Unexpected Duchess by Valerie Bowman

The Unexpected Duchess (Playful Brides, #1) 

The Unexpected Duchess by Valerie Bowman
Release Day: April 29th 2014

Oh my gosh!!! Valerie has done it again!!! I just have to say I absolutely adored this new series!
I’m not saying that because I absolutely love Derek and Garrett but man I super love them!!! Oh and Jane is just my kind of girl~ She’s so……. Me!!! LOL

Anyways, I was super happy to have received an early reader copy -in print- which I absolutely love and couldn’t put down! And can I say that cover is just amazing. But that right hand of hers is just, distracting…… It really looks like she’s missing an arm. O.0 ??

Okay, moving on. The story was very fast. I didn’t even realize I was almost finished with the book when I put it down the first time to check the time. It was just super fun to read! Man, these witty dialogue was hilarious and the banters really made it quit enjoyable.

Lady Lucy was a strong and independent kind of girl and super loyal to her closest friends. She’s witty and protective but can really have a sharp tongue that can give the opposite sex a lashing. I found myself many of the times, really thinking like Lucy, or more like having the same voice of witty counters she gave. But then I really did think of her as a imposing dramatic arrogant and annoying girl at the beginning. She really caused trouble and spoke for her friend way too much even when she thought she was doing the right thing in helping them and was just plain mean and rude! But then I did kind of like her, just not enough as I would like. Oh, there was one point where I was just appalled in her actions. A scene where she should definitely be guilty, and I mean GUILTY!!! Oh my gosh, I just couldn’t believe it but she did it anyway and I just really didn’t like her so much afterwards. And then she was going places with Derek….. ummm no, not cool.

Derek was super! I love him so much! He was just doing what he was told and trying to keep a promise. Plus, I loved that he could counter Lucy at every turn. Yes, I love it when the heroine does all the countering and surprising the heroes but in this case, I was on Derek’s team. He is a war hero and there’s some mystery as to his past and of the war but, I had a good guess as to what he was doing. He’s super determined and decisive in his actions and choices which made him the perfect opponent for Lucy. There wasn’t much that I didn’t like about him beside the fact that he was…..”getting” with Lucy at the same time he was trying to be honorable and court Lucy’s best-friend, Cass. But, all is good.

Can I say I love the banterings between these two? Yes, they’re super fun to follow and the tensions are all there but sometimes where it leads just make me needing to knock Lucy on her head. She just becomes a ninny of sorts and I get annoyed with her because of it. She’s supposed to be that strong witty will minded girl but she just….loses it with him. Which is great but I just want more oomphs, like push or slap him away and get your head on straight! Make more drama and build the tension up girl! Ugh~

But I did like it.

Other things I was…iffy about. Cassandra. Cass was in loved with someone and it was just….. it was a star-crossed one sided love. Very sad. But then Cass’ personality was very annoying. She was just a Ninny. She didn’t speak for herself and was just too plain and simple, but gorgeous, and just too, proper! But I kind of assumed that she and Jane, the amazing Jane, were up to no good behind Lucy’s back. LOL

Oh and Garrett, Lucy’s cousin was great! I super love him too. Him and Jane were another two I loved watching them banter and argue. They did not like each other but, they always did things together just to make the other annoyed. Jane was the bookworm and smart-ash so she loved to make Garrett feel dumb while Garrett loved to make fun of Jane. Ha! These two were great! It also made me think of who’s books is next in the making~ Hehehe

In all, I super enjoyed this book, with all it’s witty and fun banterings and interesting fun characters you won’t be able to put it down till you’re finish! If you want something fun and love Historical romances this will be one you want to pick up and try.

Rating: 4 out 4

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