Review~ Twelve To Murder by Lauren Carr

Twelve to Murder 7


This was my first read of Lauren Carr’s books and of the Mac Faraday Mysteries series.

I haven’t read mysteries for a super long time because I was in a phase with Historical romances so this was a great escape from what I was normally reading. Plus, I was starting to fall out with my HR so it was a super great relieve from it.

First off, I would love to thanks Lauren for the cast of character list and their relation to the story. They’re not spoilers but they help set the foundation of the story and give background information about each character. Plus, it”s a really great help for readers, such as I, to understand because I haven’t read any Mac Faraday Mysteries before and this is Book 7 in the series.

Anyways, so there’s a double murder, the Stillman couple. A has-been former child teen star is indicated as the killer. How did they know this? Well, the son of the two murdered came home to find their dead bodies and a name written in blood!!! — Lenny Frost!

So, why did they think he killed them? Well, the murdered Stillman wife, Janice, is a retired talent agent that helped raise Lenny to stardom. So why not Lenny as the killer, he might have had some grudges against her for his failure and drug addiction as he was one of her clients.

But what was thought to be a solved case turned into a hostage situation when Lenny Frost decided to hold up a pub and its customers to halt his arrest in the murder and to find help to prove his innocence. How was he going to do that? Enlist the infamous detective, Mac Faraday!!!

But Lenny will only give mac 12 hours to solve the case because he’s at his end so if the case isn’t solved by midnight, every one was going to die. Hence the title~!!! But during their hold up the customers were able to be in peace because Lenny wasn’t exactly a threat. He let them do things: watch t.v, eat, talk among themselves…it’s like a normal day at the pub but, in a hostage situation.
As Mac and his friend David get down to business, they uncover clues and some very much twists and turns in the case. You see, Lenny was kidnapped years ago and the case was never solved as to whom had kidnapped him. A retired FBI agent’s career was ruined as was Lenny’s due to his kidnapping case because the kidnapper was never found and the money never found. But, were the Stillmans killed because of something else? They own a club. A Comedy club. But what goes on there has dark secrets. Drug dealers roam the area and could it have been one of them? But Lenny is a druggie so it all came back to him.

As Mac work on the hostage case, there’s also another case he’s working on. His relationship with Archie, his love. I love how even though it’s a mystery, there’s a hint of romance in it.

Archie used to work as an editor for Mac’s late famous writer birth mother, whom he inherited millions from along with an estate and her dog, Gnarly. She wants to push their relationship forward and has waited long enough for him but he’s still feeling the burn his ex-wife did him by leaving him nothing in after their divorce. So he’s sketchy on moving forward with Archie but knows he wants to have a future with her. As this was all opening up, they get some help from unlikely places and well, things turn out okay. Their relationship may have some faults and misunderstandings but it’s very beautiful.

Back to the case, there were many unforeseen, in my sense, outcomes. There were many twists and turns as I indicated along with many casts of characters involved in the case. That’s why that cast list in the beginning was very much appreciated and useful in following the story and the case all together! And it gets solved!!!

I love how Mac and David put and placed everything together to solve the case! There were many fun scenes and laughable comments, And, it was fast paced and kept me turning the pages! I love crime and detective shows so this was a very nice read and man was it fun. The characters were great and the interactions were fun to follow. And Gnarly, he’s fabulous!!!

The suspense and mystery was very well written and easy to follow along with the details and how the investigation went. The pace was great too because I really enjoyed it. And it really was something different from watching the crime and detective shows, so it was great.

I know I’ll be looking more into this series and many other works by Lauren.

Thanks Lauren! For a copy and autograph of Twelve to Murder!

Rating: 4/5

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