Review: Uncovering You by Scarlett Edwards


Uncovering You unfolds over multiple volumes of approximately 125 pages each. Each volume is a fully-contained story with a climax and conclusion. Uncovering You 2, subtitled, Submission, will be available April 20th, 2014.

Okay, first off, I didn’t know this was going to be a on going series/serial. I’m not rating it based off of that but it’s good to let y’all know this ahead of time. I may have misread or over looked this part while captivated in the synopsis when I signed up for the tour but all is well! This book is just amazing~!

And I mean it!! I don’t usually, like ever pick up a on-going series because I hate the wait and I most definitely dont like serials because of all the cliff-hangers but, I’ve loved the ones I have read (Eloisa James’ With This Kiss, Cynthia Sax’ Seen Trilogy, and Karina Cooper’s St. Croix Chronicles) So, this is going to be another one of them favorites.

Anyways, this was a very fascinating read. I was hooked in the first couple of pages! Which is a great sign and every page after it. Though I should warn, it might take a while for some readers to get used to the way the story is set because of the way it’s written. This story takes you to the past and jumps around –spanning some months and years– telling you the story of Lily’s life and semi parallels her current situation, how she came to be where she’s at –kidnapped.

Of course there’s a lot of tension and suspense as to her captor and we know why she’s there, hence the title– but more to it is what’s going to happen to her.

It’s a good thing there will be conclusions to each of the “volumes” because I don’t know how I’ll handle cliff-hangers so it was a good thing I at least had an ending point in this first volume.
Anyways, Lily. She’s the victim or captive of this story and we are seeing things from her side of the fence. It can be very….err…I want to say disturbing because it’s just freaky petrifying, like The Lovely Bones kind of way (the movie, or the book too). It’s Mind Boggling! A Game! You can feel her terror-stricken self having been kidnapped and not knowing where and by whom, and being caged in this room. You don’t know exactly what to think! It’s…. Arhg~!!

But we get to see both side of Lily throughout this first installment. We get to see her past self before the events and then some of the present and future. Throughout this whole “captivity” she has always kept a mental string on her mind even though at points it’s just too much for her she still manages to hold on and that’s just, Wow. It shows how much strength she has and strong willed she has to try to get through this and see it to the end. She gots spunk I tell you, Spunk! I absolutely love her will power.
~Spoiler!!! More like a rant but manageable~

Okay, I just got to say, this story got me mad!! Frustrated more like it!! Ugh!!! I so wanted to throw my phone (which I’m reading on) against the wall while I read this. (This does not mean I hated the story) It’s just so…ughh….bloody mad!! It makes me mad!! Like in a Very good way. I would have rebelled the second I got that contract, Lily! I was already ripping it up to pieces in my head as I read it and, Urgh!!!! Lily!!! Don’t you dare! But of course you will! *strangle strangle strangle Lily and JS!!! Strangle!*

~Spoiler End~

I so hate JS! Hate him with the mad passions of a thousand burning Suns!! Kicking and Screaming!!! I don’t care how hot you might be, I hate you!!!

But I won’t put this book down. No! I want more, dang it!!! Ugh!!!!

Alrighty now. Now that that’s out, this is a dark but not scary bloody gory story, just the scary mind game of being trapped and alone and being watched kind of creepiness! Maybe even erotic? Plus, it being a slow build up of suspense is good because the reading itself was fast!! Super fast if you’re invested in it like me even through all the angry fits and tantrums. But this build up slowly leads to the end and into the next volume, which is totally fine but now I have to wait till April!!! It’s so far away!

Okay, so I have to keep up with this series now and see how it goes in the next book –or books. Yup~ I need to finish this!!!

Gosh you make me angry but I want you! I don’t even like reading this kind of setting or theme of captive and captor romance! They get me so mad! But gosh they’re so good!

*Warning: It might just be me being too invested in this story but I had to use my stresser gavel with this reading, and thank goodness for it!

I highly recommend it though!!! Pick it up, pick it up!!!

This eARC was provided by the author.

Rating: Trying to figure out if it’s a 4 or 5. I have to sleep on this for a day or two before settling on it!

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