Review~ Tangled Hearts by Heather McCollum

Tangled Hearts (Highland Hearts, #2) Review:
Oh this book and story is so much fun to read! Of course this is the second book in the series but you can still read it and follow the series as a stand alone. And this is an Historical romance dating back to the Tudor times so beware. It’s my first read of Heather’s work and I’m super going to be getting her first book in the series and her novella~

I can not tell you how much this book made me laugh and smile like crazy. Even the witty banters and logical quirks from the couple was amusing and fun to read and follow. This couple is just so much fun to watch and see how they were going to shuffle through their feelings for each other and try to figure out how they were going to go about things in their dilemmas during many complicated circumstances.

I actually really liked Dory (Pendora). She was really fun to see grow and mature even though she seemed to be somewhat of a wild and selfish person, she was raised by pirates and lived at sea on board a ship so it was understandable but she also had many great characteristics. She is seen from people as a witch because she has these magical powers that were given to her at birth. She has “powers” that she uses to help heal people and cure them of their injuries or with their health problems. The “curing hands of light”. She also has the power to manipulate the weather, which I thought was super cool because I would so love that power for my own purposes, but it’s just so amazing how she uses it to her own advantages to help herself and those she cares about escape danger. And she does get into a lot of trouble and dangerous circumstances but she’s a very clever and fast thinker so she always turns things into her liking. Of course she also has the sexy Scot whom she calls Warrior at her side.

The Warrior, Ewan was like my favorite lost love~ He was so swoon worthy from the beginning that I was just hooked on him. To start him off with teaching his 16 year old cousin how to treat a lady and try not to get seduced into their under skirts was just…giggling worthy. It was just fun and funny to see how the teacher (Ewan) turned into a student and the student turned into a teacher. Everything he taught his young cousin was thrown back at him when he did the totally opposite with Dory. It was just so much fun to see and to read his reaction when his cousin tells him of what he did and said “wrong” to a lady. Wow. This Scot is just Wonderful!!!! Even when he knows things are going to go wrong he takes it with his head held high and ready to pull the sword out to defend his life and the lady even when she’s the one to throw herself into troubles. He’s so broody~

This was a fast paced action packed adventured that you will totally enjoy and love. Sure there are some stopping here and there to piece things and history together but everything gets going once you got it all in place and back rolling.

It was a super great read and I would highly recommend it for Scots lovers and adventured filled fantasy travelers.

This eARC was provided by the publishers at Entangled Publishings.

Rating: 4 / 5

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