Review: Symphony of Light and Winter

Symphony of Light and Winter (Symphony of Light #1)

Symphony of Light and Winter (Book #1)


Ten years after watching her first love die, he returns. He’s still gorgeous, but far less dead, and pissed. Cyril and Linden’s turbulent re-acquaintance pulls her into a war with a creature hell-bent on his destruction. Despite the hunger, it’s love that leads her to sacrifice everything to save him.


Oh my goodness I absolutely love this Book! I was totally hook, not just because of the synopsis but because it’s Renea Mason! And her first book! Yay~

Once I got started I had to stay up reading it even if I were to wake up early the next morning for work. I didn’t care. That was how much I enjoyed it.

I love both these characters! They were very dynamic and had a lot going for them but they just clicked and Bam! Sparks and old flames are fired up and ready to bang~ with heads, bodies and hearts!

Oh I just couldn’t get enough of these two~ All their banter and sexual tensions just get my toes tangling in happiness. They have the best banters Ever! And man can a guy as hot, sexy, dark, complexed, and muscled up like Cyril get any Hotter and a$$ kicked? (Meaning: being a jerk and prick!) He’s so complicating! (Yes we love that about our smexy Heroes, don’t lie) Gosh at times I just wanted to slap him silly if I was in Linden’s shoes!  And yes he got me clenching my teeth like crazy and then swooning over him in the next second~ gosh, I was angry at myself to fall for his tactics. I wanted to smack Linden silly for giving in but I would be a hypocrite. LOL

And man I had some laughs and angered filled teary moments along with this. They just really got under my skin and drew me to their lives and made me feel them. (If I’m making any sense here) They just touched me!

Oh~ I can’t leave out the secondary characters! The brotherhoods and colleagues of Cyril and Linden are just hilarious! I’m telling you, I so love them as much as the two main characters and can not wait to see more of them in the next workings. (You better write them Renea, you better. I’m watching you…..teehee)

So, What do I have to say about this. You should read it! Really, what is holding you back? It’s an erotica, I think, is it? Oh well, it’s fabulous! It’s Mystery with Suspense, and a lot of it. It has lots of Sexual tensions and Lustering over bodies and on repeat and replay. It’s also Dark and very Wicked to house a very sexual and Hard Hero. You can’t leave out the very strong, determined, and feisty Heroine who can keeps up to the challenges and muddle the Hero’s head.

Plus, it has paranormal activities! No, not the Scary Movie but Paranormal (vampires, shifter, gods, werewolves, zombies, etc…..) Just kidding, it doesn’t have any of these things in the book, besides the shifter and god-likeliness but it’s under Paranormal. So yay for you Para lovers!
And thank you for the book Renea!

Rate: 5 out of 5 happy faces!
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