Review: Sorrow's Point by Danielle DeVor

Sorrow's Pointe CoverSorrow’s Point
by Danielle DeVor
Release date: October 15th 2013 by Crescent Moon Press


Not all exorcists are created equal- especially those that are “marked”.
When defrocked ex-priest, Jimmy Holiday, agrees to help an old friend’s sick daughter, Lucy, he unearths unexpected horrors. Blackmoor, his friend’s new residence, has a dark history that makes it appear almost alive. Jimmy must decide if Lucy is only ill, or if the haunting of the house and her apparent possession are real.

After the house begins affecting him as well; seeing colors of magic and his voice taking on an unusual power, Jimmy discovers that he is apparently “marked”. Whatever being “marked” means, Jimmy doesn’t care. He wants to help Lucy. Helping Lucy means performing the exorcism.
Jimmy knows the ceremony, but it’s belief that matters. And if a demon is using a little girl as a meatsuit, his faith had better be strong enough to kick it back to Hell. Otherwise, he might damn them both.



Man was I hooked from the beginning of reading the synopsis for the story and from the first line of the book.

This book is amazing! Oh my Gosh I can not tell you how much I absolutely love this book! I felt like I was watching a horror film as I read this; that was how great it was. I still have the chills since I just finished reading it and currently writing this review. I was scared sh!tless but I still couldn’t put the book down, even during the late hours of the wee night (which is the only time I can really read) and man was it worth it! Heck yea I was scaring myself and being paranoid about seeing and hearing things as I was reading this book and every now a again tried hard not to peek over or to the side as I read. But Gosh it was so Amazing!

As you know from the synopsis, Jimmy Holiday is an ex-priest and has been called on for help by a very long time friend, Will, from his hometown. He agrees to accompany Will to look at Lucy, Will’s daughter,  and see what he can do to help and of course, Jimmy didn’t think it was all that bad until he got to Blackmoor. But soon he called for the aid of his ex-girlfriend to help chip in some magic and strength to his weakening self worth. (Now you see where Jimmy became an ex-priest)

But anyways a whole lot of scary and creepy abnormal occurrences happened and it just grows worse and worse  by the day for little Lucy’s body as her possession carries on. Jimmy haven’t been in service for a while you know and not being able to really trust in the church anymore makes it difficult on his belief on what is really happening to Lucy. He is also frustrated by the fact that he is the only one that is willing to help his friend and Lucy and angry at the church for not helping Lucy when they were contacted earlier. But he’s not giving up on Lucy and is going to make the church listen.

And Jimmy, I can say I worship him! I’m not sure how old he is but maybe in his thirties because I read him as pretty young. But he just has a whole lot of crap in his life and he takes it as it comes. He also has a great personality, in my opinion, and has humor, even in scary situations like this one. I don’t know, I can’t think of the right words to describe him but I just like how he’s very intellectual and thought processy. He likes to think things through and does this “asking question and self answering” thing in his head. Which is great and highly enjoyable for the book.

Oh, and this book is mainly in the POV of Jimmy but does shift to other POVs too for more background information and does jump from past to present in different chapters; which is totally fine because it helps set and tell the story. And it gives the reading a sense of a scary movie feel, to me that is and it just adds to how great this book is in making it scary.

Some things I didn’t like was the repetition of thoughts and saying Jimmy does. I love his thought process but sometime, mostly in the beginning, I just got very annoyed. Like when he didn’t want to believe Lucy’s possessed and was always putting himself down or just being an ass about things. Stuff like being annoyed that he wasn’t kept up to date with Will when he himself didn’t also keep in contact, or being annoyed because of something some one did or because they asked to much questions….stuff like that. And he gets mad but keeps it to himself which is fine but he does do a lot of thinking.

But I love how this book really got my heart pumping in rapids sessions because of my anticipation for what is to come in their trial. You just never know what is coming and you just have to keep on turning the pages even if it’s late.  And this book just makes me feel all sorts of feelings! From giggling to down right scared, to calm and freaking out nervous. But there are also the feeling of pain and hope every time you turn the pages with uncertainty and fear lurking behind.
Gosh this book just had it all and I just got to say the outcome was out of this world…….Agh….I cried but I was happy too. Maybe I was too happy I cried heart…..

I know for sure I’m getting this in paperback, yes sirrah.

I highly Highly Recommend this and it’ll make for a great Halloween read if you don’t have plans for that night.

Five, I give this a Five!

5 review


  1. The review gives me the chills. I have never ever attempted to read a horror fiction.