I'm back.....Kind of~

Hello my peeps!  
I'm back to Blogspot. Well not officially back, I'm just back because.....
drum roll....dahhdahhdahhdahh~
My Wordpress blog, the main domain, is suspended!!! SUSPENDED!!!!!! 
Yea I know! AGHH!
So I'm back here although I changed it to only house my reviews, which the other blog do too but it also housed many other things there also. 
I'm so sad it's suspended!!!
And very frustrated and angry. Pluse stress, don't forget stressed.
But most of all...I feel bad for the up coming tours I have on there. I'll probably have to relink them here. 
It's no problem, it's just that my Wordpress is more known for me and has more traffic.
So I'm back to where it all started. 
My blogspot. It does feel nice to be back though. If only for awhile until they tell me otherwise. 
But it's a way to distract me from the other blog and where I can still blog and share so that's good. 
But maybe it's a sign telling me to get back on here as much as I used too??
Maybe...So I'll probably be back here more often then, with posts like this.. LOL
Update: I just got a notice saying my WP is fixed!!! Yay~
But don't worry, I'll be here more often. :D


  1. Thank you for your recent visit to my blog and for this book recommendation. After reading the synopsis I can honestly say this book scares the heck out of me. This is one book I don't believe I could ever read.