Review: eARC A Lady’s Secret Weapon by Tracey Devlyn

A Lady’s Secret Weapon (Nexus, #3)A Lady’s Secret Weapon (Nexus, #3)

Tracey Devlyn


Seduction is His Duty to King and Country

Ethan deBeau has charmed his way into the beds of countless women, enticing them to whisper all kinds of state secrets in his ear. But his latest assignment is completely different: find a missing young boy. It’s practically child’s play for a master spy such as Ethan. Until Miss Sydney Hunt threatens to unravel all his carefully laid plans. Who in the world is this woman?

But Tempting Her is All for Pleasure

Sydney has worked hard to maintain a facade of respectability—all while keeping a network of contacts among London’s underground world. When she hears of strange activities at a local home for orphans, she’s determined to find out what’s really going on. Until she runs headlong into a notorious rake eager to expose every inch of her…



OMG!!! This was the last book in Tracey Devlyn’s Nexus series and what an end it was!!!
If you have been tracing this series from book one, with Cora and Helsford, you may have been gearing up for Ethan’s book and of course to who the mysterious Specter was from Somerton’s in book 2. Well your wait is now over~ We find out who this Specter person is and more in this end to a great debut series!

In this book we got a chance to see more of the elusive and protective Ethan deBeau. Though we knew of his “occupation” within the Nexus Spy group we got to really see who he is in this ending. I’ll have to say I really enjoyed reading this side of him and he absolutely had a lot going for him.

Sydney is a proprietress of her own Hunt Agency in which she helps the working class find suitable jobs for their skills and suitable employees for the aristocrat’s home.  But she has many jobs within her own agency and many more secrets to bind to if she wants to keep her agency from crashing and her reputation in tack. But as she got more acquainted with Ethan, to her unwanted desire, it was getting harder to keep her many jobs a secret from him. And since he has claimed to have suspicions about her, which sparked his interest, he’s vowed to keep her by his side and fancy the challenge to break her mold.

I love both these characters and enjoyed knowing their past and their mental thoughts about everyone and everything around them. I found them to be very aware of the people and their surrounding which made them great in their work and I love how they can out wit the other whenever they were around each other. Mostly Sydney is doing all the besting on Ethan, which I loved reading, because Ethan just makes a fool of himself. And of course, it’s great to see a great man in need of help from a lady from time to time. Men can’t do everything on their own and us ladies aren’t damsels in distress who can’t do for themselves, so it was super fabulous that Sydney was a super much needed heroine who can do things on her own and is a super determined, strong, independent, and brave woman!

So I absolutely adored this book. I had no problem at all with it and was super super happy to find out who Specter was! I super had my suspicion and thought it was someone else all together and smiled myself with figuring it out early on in the book but was I wrong! It was totally not a shocker but still it was. But I did surprised myself with the knowledge of Somerton’s and Ethan’s age because I still can’t fathom the fact that Somerton was the guardian and mentor for Ethan and Cora. That is still shocking to me. Aren’t they like, close in age? Somerton, in my mind and eyes, is just too young, too young! Isn’t he? I mean, he’s like a father to them, right! Still shocking.

The only thing that disappointed me was the ending shall I say. There wasn’t exactly an ending to the “mission” which totally disappointed me. I loved the ending to Ethan and Sydney’s relationship but the ending over all was just…. It left me with many unanswered questions and probed more questions as to what happened to this and that…. I was very disappointed, that is unless, it was just the fact that I have an eARC version and not the full edited version; therefore I’ll have to check that out.

But from this ending it did probe the question as too, is this really the end for the series? I really do want a story for that funny witty friend of Ethan’s, the Marquess of Shevington, which we had a great laugh with in parts of the book, mainly the beginning, but still, I really want to see his own book. He is that character I really want to get to know better and from what we got to glimpse from this book, he needs his own story!

Here’s a great clip scene with Shev and Ethan! :

“What the devil is that atrocious noise?”
Ethan cocked his head and listened. “It’s a bird, Shev.”
“Well, make it stop.” His friend rubbed his temple. “All this walking and squinting against the sun has given me a megrim. One more piercing tweet from that feathered beast and my head will splinter in two.”
Waving the Marquess inside, Ethan said, “You’ve been upright too long. Go home and get some sleep before your mother’s dinner party. She won’t be please if you arrive looking like a dissipated sot.”
After Ethan closed the carriage door, Shev nodded towards Somerton House. “There’s a ginger-haired creature bouncing in the window. Good day, Danforth.”
Sure enough, Ethan turned his back on his departing friend and found Sophie Ashcroft jumping up and down and waving at him.
~A Lady’s Secret Weapon; pg. 121

Don’t you just want Shevington to have his own book! Ahh, he is great indeed!

So, this book is just amazing, with spying, some action, more spying, some interrogations and sneaking abound, dark places and tensions…. They’re fabulous!

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