Review: eARC of The Rogue Steals a Bride by Amelia Grey

roguerogue steals   The Rogue Steals a Bride (The Rogues’ Dynasty, #6)
{July 2, 2013}

I’m feeling good today! Even though I stayed up all night finishing this book at 4 in the morning and feeling all giddy and happy inside….I fell in love with this book! This was my first read of any Amelia Grey books and it’s the 6th but also the final book to an amazing Dynasty.

Here we have the lovely Miss Sophia Hart, heiress to a shipping company, taking the London season by storm. Every eligible male/gentleman wants her hand in marriage and would do anything to be on good terms with her two twin spinster aunts and guardian Sir Randolph Gibson. Sophia on the other hand is looking for a husband he has to titled, or at least will inherit a title, as she promised her dying father on his death bed she’ll do. While searching for a titled husband, one of aunt has decided she wants a beau for herself and Sophia agreed to help her aunt find her own happiness too during the outings about London. But Sophia has already met the man of her desires and know that they can never be together, because he is not titled and she will do anything to keep her promise to her father in honor his lifelong plan for her as an heiress and marry a titled gentleman.

Matson Brentwood, co-owner of a ship building company in Baltimore, has returned to his homeland and has been in London for the past 6 month.  He was all happiness for the lovely red-headed Miss Sophia Hart was diverging the gossip pages away from him and his twin with her arrival in London. Unexpectedly, Miss Hart pulls at his every desires and being a red-head just arouses him even more. But when he finds out she’s the ward of the man whose name is attached to his and his twin and whom he’s sworn to hate, he’s willing to take a step back. She’ll marry a titled gentleman anyways. But when desires become an obsession and a letter becomes the breaking point, will Matson be able to move beyond his hate towards Sophia’s guardian or will he walk away and let her marry for title ?
I love these characters! Though not so much Sophia at some points in the book but over all I loved them! Sophia is the type of woman who keeps her words and would never break them. Although she’s stubborn and a rebel she makes it up by being kind, smart, determined, and loving. I didn’t like how she was so determined to marry a titled gentleman. It’s understandable why she would be because of her promise to her father and feeling like she had to because of something she’d done towards him as a child. At times I felt like her openness was too forward for a young lady as herself,  though we know that she isn’t titled and had free rein growing up in America. And sometimes she does things that were meant to be good which was understandable but just wasn’t good! And then to not worry or think about it again and hope that the other person would understand? Ah, no. But I couldn’t be mad at her forever~ She kind of got what was coming to her and in a funny good way, but so did Matson. :D 

 I super adore Matson! I love how he knew he held hatred towards Sir Gibson but was willing to put that aside for a bit to be around Sophia. I love how his anger towards Sir Gibson can be felt as real because who wouldn’t in the same position he was thrown into? His personality was very much loved and his control over his feelings are well reined in. He does play the bad/good twin act with his brother so of course his feelings would be in line. He’s smart and knows what he’s doing and always plans and think ahead before acting on instincts, that is until Sophia. But all in all he was the more powerful character, I thought, in the story.

The story was very catchy in the beginning. I love how we first met the characters and got to see their character and personalities before they met.  It was fast paced and engaging to fellow although somewhere in the middle of the book I lost interest I found it back towards the end of the book. I like how there weren’t just one big obstacle they had to face but a bunch of small ones that come up do to some of the things they did. I loved the twin aunts and Sir Gibson! I knew there was going to be a story about the sisters and why they were they way they were, or at least one of them. I loved the disagreement between Sir Gibson and the aunts, and man the ending was to die for~! This ending was got me to be all giddy and happy inside; I had to re-read it three times. ;) 

This was a Romeo & Juliet romance with loving fun humor, spinster twin aunts (one looking for a beau), an abundance of devastating titled courtiers, and no tragic ending!

I’ll have to start reading the past two books in the series now because I want to see how the Brentwood brothers got their HEA~! And then we’ll see if I’ll go even more backwards into the series. :) 

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