Review: ARC of Lady Mercy Danforthe Flirts with Scandal by Jayne Fresina

lady mercyLady Mercy Danforthe Flirts with Scandal(Sydney Dovedale #3)
by Jayne Fresina
Release Date: June 4, 2013


Okay, where should I start? What is there to say about Lady Mercy Danforthe and Rafe Hartley? I just got to say this was the first book I’ve read from Ms. Jayne Fresina, even though I have her Sydney Doverdale #2 book The Wicked Wedding of Miss Ellie Vyne on my TBR shelf for 5 months now (I know~ FIVE MONTHS!!!). I for some reason, haven’t gotten to it and jumped to the 3rd book instead. Which I thought was Amazing~ Because now I can go back to book 2 and read up on one of my favorite couple, who plays a great role in this fabulous little book ;)

Lady Mercy Danforthe is a matchmaker who thinks she can help with anyone and everyone who asks of her or not. She always has a plan and they better go her way or she’ll have to make it go her way.  She lives on the finer side of life and if anything goes amiss or gets out of place she’ll fix it; even if it’s a little speck of dirt or crack in the wall, she will get it fixed and be done with. She has a hot mouth for opinion and thought men useless.  Although she’s engaged to a Viscount, she’ll do things her way and things in order- I mean, she did get her Viscount to proposed to her- so she’ll manage. There is only one thing that stands in her way unfortunately, Rafe Hartley, her ex-husband and her one and only mistake! But not for long, she’s determined to find him a bride~ and banish him from her life forever!

Rafe, an illegitimate son, wants nothing but to be a farmer even if his father wants nothing of it but for him to be the gentleman he was wanted to be and have a posting job at the offices in London.  A wild child and rogue seen by many, he was still much loved and liked, and acknowledged, as the son of a well admire aristocratic of the town. When news came calling, in the form of the Little Miss Danforthe Brat, to tell him he was jilted at the alter, TWICE now, he meant to have his way once and for all no matter what. Someone needs to teach little Miss Know It All to keep her nose out of people’s business. How better to do that then to mess with her little head and get him the wedding night he deserves, she does owe him that first of all for running out on him at his first wedding.

I absolutely love this book!! I was drawn right into it from the first line.

“I have only one use for an overly proud cock.”

I mean hello~ if that didn’t catch you attention then what does!?  I was already
giggling  grinning because, what can come after that verse. :D It was highly enjoyable. I loved both the characters and they both really, and I mean really, have a strong personality and character. Although the little info I gave might give you a different picture of who they are, I think I’m just not good at introducing them.
But because of their strong personalities and opinions, they always argue :(   But they’re amazing arguments and I love it when they argue and bicker! :D All of their sexual tension and vibes are there and ready to take aim and throw and punch and mingle and tangle and blahhlalalala. It’s just AWESOME! XD

Oh and that great sexy excerpt I gave not to long ago fit right in ;D
But both of these characters have a lot of flaws and had to get through and overcome a lot to get to their HEA. It was an amazing experience and I do not know what to say next…. They each had a past that haunted them in some form and it was nice to see how that effected who they were and how their relationship clashed. But it was also great to see them break that barrier and to come to understand and learn from each other to bring their relationship to a HEA~!

I was really surprise to see that our hero, Rafe, was the first to see that he would do anything to get his love even if she didn’t see it. His love was pure and true even though she broke him down, many a times, and degrade him because of his class, he still tried to get it in her little miss perfect mind that they can break that barrier. I just couldn’t help but adore him~ even when he got frustrated I couldn’t be angry at him for long.

Miss Mercy on the other hand I just couldn’t help but frustrated and have mixed feelings for her. I love that she tried to help Rafe back on his feet after the cancelled wedding but can’t help but always hate it when she brings up his “commonness“.   Sure it really picks a punch during an argument but man, that really stings to the ears of someone that loves you. I also love that she tried to stay out of scandal for her Viscount’s sake and to her reputation but that is never easy. She also manages to act before she thinks, and wow, sometimes I just think her naive, which I liked when she brought that up upon herself but still, through all her secret rendezvous with Rafe she not thought once of her Viscount! That just gave me pause and troubled me. Poor Viscount. But they had to get their HEA you know and everything worked out after all.  But it’s all good, no worries, I’m happy now, I just needed to get that off my chest.

So, I will tell you, I smiled, laughed, giggled, got mad and angry all along with these two characters throughout the book and it was a great~ pleasure. The last scene/pages of the book got me shivering with excitement and giggling like a lunatic that I had to read it over just to experience and laugh all over again before I was truly finish with the book.

Ms. Fresina did a fabulous job setting up the story and the characters that I couldn’t help but want to see more of them. They were a witty  bomb shell of sexual tension that needed to get under the covers and thrash about each other like wonton wild beings.  I highly enjoyed it! This is one fabulous read, for sure. XD

This ARC was kindly provided by SourceBook Casablanca
4 half review

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