Review: At The Duke’s Wedding by Maya Rodale, Miranda Neville, Caroline Linden, Katharine Ashe

at the duke's weddingAt The Duke’s Wedding (Anthology)

by  Caroline Linden, Katharine Ashe, Miranda Neville, Maya Rodale


Oh My Gosh!!! Oh My Gosh, Oh My Gosh, Oh My Gosh~!!!! I love this book so much! Every time I read an anthology from these ladies I fall head over hills for them and just want to jump through time to be with their characters. This is their second work together and I just want to weep for more.

I am so shaky and giddy right now I can’t stop smiling and typing is taking me forever to type what I’m feeling. I just want to bounce round the room and roll around the floor in giddy bliss!

I can’t even begin to describe what an out of the world this book was. Every story was like dragging me through a field of rose bushes. They’re beautiful to look at then- wham! The vines pulls you right in and you can’t get out because all of the thorns are hooking and grabbing on to you not wanting to let you go. You began to feel the pain as each one stabs you everywhere you turn, but it’s okay because you want to keep on moving. Then once you’re out and on the other side: beat up, torn, weeping with giddy bliss with a nice banquet of roses in your arms, you just want to dive back in and feel the joy and pain and bliss of the effects all over again.

It might even take me days just to recover from this book because I don’t think I’ll be able to move on to a new book anytime soon. Just writing about this book now is difficult enough let alone writing about all four stories!

I haven’t felt like this in awhile about a book! I love everything about it: how it started, the middle stories, how it ended, EVERYTHING~!

First, here you have Ms. Maya Rodale’s Jack, Lord Willoughby, the troublemaker whose appearance and mesmerizing smile will need the servants running for smelling salts for the ladies. And Miss Henrietta Black, whose prim and proper tidiness will faulter under the nose of Jack. They will have to team up in search of the Wessex heirloom ring- which Jack was suppose to be in possession of and
misplacedlost. Their adventure will take them to dark brooding corners, shaded grassland, secret meetings, hiding in stables, and a very inappropriate Great-great aunt. And hosts a very nice curricle. :D

Next, we have Ms. Miranda Neville’s love letter confessions. The brooding and elusive Captain Christian, Earl of Bruton has taken it upon himself to help his quiet and un-wordy cousin write a love letter to his intended. Un beknowest to him that he’ll end up falling for a girl he barely knew through the letters! Miss Rossane Lacy fancy herself in love with the very handsome man whose letters has been keeping her on her toes, Mr. Frank Newnham. Romantic letters about books and literature, she found it strange how the same man whose letters has given her hope in a love-match marriage is nothing like the letter proclaim him to be. Instead he’s quiet and dull. But his scarred and too dark and too mysterious cousin has attracted her attention. Maybe befriending the cousin will better her chances to getting to Frank? This has night walks in the garden, witnessing a gentleman picking flowers, kisses on a balcony and in a grotto, stable brooding, disguises and fraud, and guns.

Here comes the Duke in Caroline Linden’s sister love story. Gareth Cavendish, Duke of Wessex is getting married in a fortnight but why is he uncertain when he finally see his bride at his family country home? It’s because his bride’s elder and widowed sister has accompanied her and has lightning striking the day she arrives! Cleo Barrows has accompanied her family and only sister to her wedding week. Not wanting to be thrown out by her father, she has managed to stay out of trouble and gossip, that is until she starts inquiring about her sister’s feelings towards the wedding.  Lots of laughter and smiles between the Duke and Cleo ends up making it difficult for a wedding to transpire. It hosts lavish parties, games outdoors, giggling girls in white dresses, stable refuge, annoying mothers, a night to Gretna, and strolls.

And Lastly, Katharine Ashe’s time traveling romance. Trenton “Crash” Ascot, Lord Everett, is in thrall at the American girl who just appeared out of nowhere who speaks her mind and is Intelligent! He thinks she’s a madwoman and probably a criminal and she thinks him a great actor in costume. Angela Cowdrey is a grad student working on her report and have no time to take a break for some fun, but then she couldn’t believe that she got transported back in time.  Her savoir, Lord Everett, on the other hand was handsome and familiar! Because she was certain she saw him not to long ago in her comic book calling – and winking! – at her. But she was there for a reason and she was going to find out why, even if the tempting Lord Everett was distracting her. There will be a lot of intelligence, bold speaking, inappropriateness, dips in the lake, night strolls, nature talk, girls in white, carriage race, and stress.

I can not say how much I love each of these stories! I was kind of thrown off when I read Caroline’s story of the Duke, whose wedding everyone were attending, came before Katharine’s time traveling romance but since I’ve finished it, everything was in the right place and order!

There were some grammar and typo problems, but they didn’t bother me or gave me a hard time.

 This will most definitely be on my keeper list and will have to  buy the paperback version when it comes out~! In July.
I’ll have to go back and re-read their first anthology again: Once Upon a Ballroom

These ladies are AMAZING!!!!

This book was bought as an ebook.
5 review

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