Review: One Ture Love by Lori Wilde

One True Love (Cupid, Texas #0.5)
by Lori Wilde


In Cupid, Texas, they say everyone has one true love. And if you write a letter to Cupid, you will get an answer in return . . .
Now, from New York Times bestselling author Lori Wilde, read how the legend of Cupid began . . . All it took was one great love story! 

Too bad for pretty young housemaid Millie Greenwood that her one true love is John Fant, the handsomest, wealthiest man in town. But in 1924, a maid—no matter how lovely—isn’t about to marry into the town’s foremost family, and John is on the verge of becoming betrothed to another. Everything seems hopeless until Millie writes a desperate letter to Cupid, and the most romantic legend of all is born . . .


This was my first read of Lori Wilde’s work and I thought it was a great short story. It was sweet, fast and the couple got their HEA. AS you can see it’s a novella and the first to start off in a new series surrounding the residents of Cupid, Texas and their “Cupid” legend that attracts a lot of tourists. But since this is the novella to start things off the Cupid wasn’t exactly “worshiped” yet.

Both the characters were well liked. I really liked John Fant. He was the handsome only son of the wealthiest family in town who wasn’t afraid to get his hands dirty and is kind and warm hearted all around. Millie Greenwood is the eldest daughter of a miner and is a country gal. She has just turned eighteen and suddenly became fatherless due to an accident at the mine.  To help her mother and six siblings survive, she took position as a maid at he home of John’s sisters house.

I love how Lori told the story in first person and mad it sound as though Millie was telling you her love story. Millie gave the readers snide remarks about what she was thinking as though she was really talking to you about her romance. She made it very easy to follow and kept you engaged and interactive with her. She made you want to root for her even though you knew it was going to have a great ending.

The downfall for me was not getting to see John’s point of view and know what he was thinking. Although he was still a very lovable character without needing to know what he was thinking, I always felt like his view point was going to come next in the story after a certain scene. The other thing was how Millie made me feeling like she was selfish towards the end.  She just made me not like her so much, even though I knew why and understood her reasons I still felt like she shouldn’t have say, written, done what she did. I know it’s to be a short story but I felt like there should have been more and that the ending came on too quick. It was a great ending, it’s just that how it came about just didn’t fit well with what I would have liked or pictured it to be.

So far this was a great short read and the next books in the series are about descendants of these two love birds in the city of Cupid!

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rating: 3.5
3 half review

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