Review: The Tea Shop On Lavender Lane by Sheila Roberts

imageThe Tea Shop On Lavender Lane
by Sheila Roberts
(Life in Icicle Falls # 5)


Okay this is my first read from Sheila Roberts and I may have jumped right into the lot of family and friends in this wonderfully small and friendly town of Icicle Falls. This is the fifth book in the series but can most differently be read as a standalone and I loved it because now I want to read the others in the series~

This is written in third person but we get to see the story told in not one, not even two but in four perspectives! Yes, I know, that was something I was really surprised by and highly enjoyed because, you know me, I love being inside the heads of my characters and this was magnificently written and done.

So we start off with the youngest sister, Bailey having a mess of a party when the hostess a “star” client supposedly faked a food poisoning act and got Bailey and her business in the hot spot for collapse. And so, down came her catering business and flying home she went when her eldest sister encouraged her to come home. And when she does get home she’ll be staying with her other sister, Cecily.

Cecily is the matchmaker of the family and town. She has set up multiple friends and got them on their way to the alter but unfortunately, she herself can’t even figure out why she’s still single. Sure she got burned from two previous relationships that almost led to the alter but she just can’t seem to figure it out. But then of course there’s two men in town pinning for her attention. One that sizzles her hormones like crazy and the other one that will definitely be the settling down type. Who to choose!? But things get rough and bumpy when Bailey gets in the picture because well, she ends up renting a property and opening a tea shop and starts working with the one that sizzles, Todd.

Unfortunately Cecily doesn’t let it slip that she’s somewhat “seeing” Todd, and with Bailey working with Todd, confusion, jealousy, problems, and competition heats up! But not just between the sisters but also between the two gents that are trying to get Cecily’s attention. Yes, drama drama drama~ And to add to that, Todd himself is also confused on who he’s attracted to between the two sisters! Sheesh!

I got to say I’m not a fan of triangle romance and that between two sisters fighting over one man, but I have read something of the likes before and did enjoy it, although they didn’t fight for the same man but one having a one-sided love to the man while the other is just attached to him from circumstances… But that’s a different and not at all apart of this story, so moving on.
Yes, I didn’t know how this was going to play out with this plot. It gave me problems! Really, not one for sisters fighting for the same dude.

But moving on, as I read this I found it more of Cecily’s story than Bailey’s since we got more of her perspective than most from the book. I liked her but I felt like she was too indecisive about her feelings for the two men. Like just pick one or the other and get it over with! Take a chance at love for sakes, who cares if you’ve been duped twice before. That’s what taking a chance is all about! Not everything will always go perfectly. Plus, she was so childish when it came to Bailey and Todd. It’s like high school all over again and I hated that part. She’s so insecure and it ruled her perspective on things and got her to jump to conclusions too quickly.

Anyways, Bailey I liked. She went from failing at the one thing she dreamed of becoming huge and great at to picking back up the pieces and starting over. She could be a bit kiddish but she was more of the stronger sister for me, besides the eldest Sam, which had her own story in a previous book in this series. Bailey had her own problems to deal with, like her on and off “boyfriend” whom she learned now has a girlfriend and is living in a different state. And her fear of getting back into the kitchen and fighting her fear of actually poisoning someone with her food. But I liked her because she knew what she wanted. Like she when she was starting to feel something towards Todd, she knew it was wrong and kept away but, you know, he’s her landlord.

And then there’s Todd and Luke. I got to say I disliked Todd at the very beginning. He had that whole “player” attitude written all over him. I mean he was all trying to get into Cecily’s pants! But, of course there’s a but, when we got to his cut of the book he’s really not such a bad person. He has his own problems and really does care and love the folks and the small town. He was all good and his motives were very understanding until bam! Towards the ending I had a huge problem with him calling someone the B word for something they supposedly did and that just totally ruined his image for me. Yes the tension was boiling hot at that point but I thought it wasn’t necessary and absolutely killed it.

Luke on the other hand we didn’t get to see as much. I felt really sad that Sheila didn’t give us more of him and his perspective. Though his parts in the story were an important factor in moving it along I felt like we could have gotten more from him. I mean, he’s really a great guy and truly the type of guy that you can settle down and grow old with. He’s patient and understanding, plus he’s a father to an adorable and too knowing daughter. He’s basically perfect, but of course is always placed in the friend zone because you would rather go for the bad boy player type — Todd. LOL

But don’t worry, things get down and messy but all’s well and good at the end.

So over all, I really enjoyed this. It was cute, sexy, clean, and romantic with lots of intensity but all’s well in creating a wonderful story. Do get ready for some major emotional roller-coaster rides because you won’t know what Sheila will throw at you in her stories! Plus, it really reminded me of works from Candis Terry, Lori Wilde, Emily March, Nancy Naigle, RaeAnne Thyne, Susan Mallory, a whole great of contemporary romance authors! So definitely check out this series and Sheila Roberts’ work because it’s definitely worth reading.

Rating: 4 out of 5

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