Review: Torrent by Gemma James



Author: Gemma James
Genre: New Adult/Dark Erotic Romance
Release Date: July 22, 2014


I’ve been obsessed with Rafe Mason since I was thirteen. The messed up part about this story is that I still want him, even now.

Now that he’s holding me captive on an island.

Rafe has his reasons for doing what he’s doing, and if I’m honest, I can’t blame him; I’m the girl who sent him to prison for a heinous crime he didn’t commit.

But now he’s free and the tables have turned…now he’s the one driven by obsession.

First off, this is not my first time reading this kind of novel, and I will say that I don’t usually swear or curse in my reviews but, these kind of books are an exception. Plus I will be reviewing this in two forms instead of the usual one: base on my overall reaction and based on how well I thought the author told the story.

So this is my first read of Gemma James aka Christina Jean Michaels work.

This will not be a great read for those of you with the faint of heart. It’s dark and gritty and can really get you messed up in the head as Gemma is hoping for. There are some serious topic and themes that are talked about in this book that can be very taboo and disturbing. i.e. captor/captive, torture, rape, physical and mentally humiliation, etc…

Also, this is book #1 to a series/serial so beware of cliffhangers. This book is also told in first person alternating from Alex to Rafe’s point of view with each chapter.

I won’t get much into it since the synopsis says what this is all about, but it’s basically about Rafe returning after 8 years to give vengeance and revenge on Alex for sending him to prison for something they both knew he didn’t do. Rape

You see, Rafe is 6 years Alex’s senior and was the best friend of her step- brother. He was on his way to making it big in the UFC untill he was accused of that unspoken word and sent to do 8 years when he was just 21, Alex being just 15.

And so during those years he had never forgotten about Alex and what she has taken from him. So he wanted her to pay in the form of taking her as his prisoner. Or as he termed it, “his piece of ash”. Plus, he wasn’t worried “excatly”, because she has always wanted him and now he has his chance to get what he has always wanted but didn’t act upon it then since she was a minor and the sister of his best friend.

So all I got to say is that both of these characters have some major f-ed up lives shall I say. Alex has this huge secret that prevented her from doing anything in her life the way she wanted it, and was the reason why Rafe got sent away, while Rafe has this huge issue of holding in his urge to fight and his dark sexual needs, plus adding the fact Alex did him wrong, he has issue with getting back at Alex for lying.

One thing is apparent though, they really need to be more open with eachother and have better commmunitcaiton skills. I mean Rafe is all in for the truth and wants to know why Alex lied but Alex on the other hand is not complying. She fears the truth and is willing to accept the punishment Rafe is giving her but man can she really get on my nerves!

Alex just asks too much question and isn’t willing to comply to answer Rafe’s questions and that just makes me angry with her. Like girl, he just freakin wants to know the truth. You could at least give him that for sending him to prison for 8 freakin years of his life! I don’t know, she’s like TSTL!!! I would have just killed myself if I was in her position! Like many times ago! But she could have stopped the situation from the beginning of she could have just spoken up. Yes I understand the position she’s in can make it difficult but Rafe did ask for honesty and if she couldn’t tell it to the world he would have been the next best thing. But who am I kidding, there wouldn’t be a story to work on and begin with then right?

Anyways, I liked Rafe. Yes he was an ash and I understood his reason to torture and torment Alex, which she deserved every bit despite her situation, but he still had a heart. He still cared for her and I liked that about him. He still thought about her and regretted some of the things he did to pain her but he did it to teach her, or punish her. I’m not all in to the methods he used and put her through but we still saw a side of him that thought through if he should or shouldn’t and if it was right or not. So he was humane, a little, but just more in a form of humiliating her. Plus he was only evil towards Alex because he wasn’t like that when he met with others of his acquaintance. He was more normal.

But I got to say, these two are f-ed up. Like really. They get turned on doing BDSM stuff! Being paddled, whipped, even choked! I’m not saying I dislike reading about BDSM because I have read many of them and really enjoyed them but this, this was just up a notch from the BDSM I’ve read.
I’m also not sure if I’ll say this had some sexy sex scenes, though Gemma can write some great stuff, it really didn’t turn me on. More like they made me feel uncomfortable and freaked me out and got me yelling, “run for your life! Abusive relationship here!”

I mean their relationship is explosive! It’s a love hate situation and even if the sexual attraction is there, there’s a lot of tension between them. It’s like hardcore stuff. Death can be involved you know. Plus, they get super wet and off with just one look at eachother. *eye brows raising….*

And then getting to the revelation part of the story took some time and I just didn’t care much for it afterwards. I really felt for Rafe though. His was very sad and I felt like he was more of the victim in all this crap. The angst worked okay but I felt like it was rushed and forgiven a bit too quickly on Rafe’s part, although he didn’t actually forgive Alex. He was more sympathetic because he really did care for her, like truely he did, he was just so angry that she lied, that’s all.

Any ways, I thought Rafe had the most potential to grow and change as the story progressed and he did so he was the most liked out of the two for me. I also found myself rooting for him at the end, which was a cliffhanger, and you know how I hate cliffhangers! Hate them!!! But I’ll have to wait and see how much more he’ll grow in the next book.

Yup, I might have to give the next book a try to see how that goes. There will be a lot more angst on that part because of what happened at the end of this book that’s for sure! So I’m not sure how I feel about that but I am hoping the series either finishes in the next book or the third. I’m not a fan of long serials that go over three books or maybe four, so yeah…..

Over all this book was good. It didn’t make me want to throw it against the the wall like others so that’s a good sign. Got me cringing, disturbed, uncomfortable, and not liking what was going on but it was what I was expecting from a captive/captor erotic novel. The author did a great job giving us what she told us she’ll give us. How she did it wasn’t what I expected how it’ll go about but it worked for the most part. I just, I don’t know. I kind of wanted more from the characters but I’ll have to find that out in book 2.

So, if you can handle the kidnapped and captive/captor stories with erotica and bondage, do check it out; not a typical book I’ll recommend but you can give it a go if these are books you enjoy. Even if they aren’t, try it out anyways for its something new.

If your faint at heart and a softie, DO NOT read this book. You can just pass this because you will not make it past maybe even the first chapter. You can give it a go if you want, but Be Warned!

My rating: 3
Storywise: 3
Overall Rating: 3.5 out 5

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