Review: A Lady Never Lies by Stephanie Burkhart

Cover_ALadyNeverLiesCoverA Lady Never Lies by Stephanie Burkhart
(The Windsor Diaries Book 3)
Steampunk Romance


Wow. This is book 3 in the series and I got to tell you this was just as fabulous as Book 2!
I really loved Richard and Jocelyn in book 2 where we first met them and am super happy that I got to know them even better in book three.

So first off, we are back with the time travelers as we reacquaint ourselves with follow past characters like Alice, Grayson, Edmund, and Kiera as we follow Richard and Jocelyn on their own adventure to save their relationship and the world of the future. But new characters are also thrown into the melee like Sophia, cousin of Edmund and Richard, and Jax, a friend and metal smith from the Victorian era. They get their own little story woven into this adventure and all madness is thrown into a loop.

And like before we also get multiple stories interspersedly in this fast paced adventure packed story. We are again thrown into going on an adventure with the the past during the Victorian era of 1855 and in the present of 2011.

In book 3 we start off with a wedding and an explosion. The ring Richard had given Jocelyn blew up burning her father badly, leaving him in no condition to work for he has to rest and heal for days or months to come. This made a rift in Richard and Jocelyn’s relationship because she doesn’t know if he’s to be blamed or if it was just something that couldn’t be prevented, but it did damage their building romance and throw them a curve ball as Richard returned to her side.

But something has also changed in the future too. A nosy reporter has found out their secret and wants in on their adventure and threatens to expose Alice, Grayson, and their traveling gang. But miners of the past is planning a riot that could change the future if Jocelyn doesn’t step into her father’s shoes stop them, but what is she to do when she thinks her father is leaving her penniless as he searches for the last remaining heir to their family?

As I sad before I’m super happy to be following Richard and Jocelyn on their adventure. I Loved them in book 2 and super love them even more in here. We got a better feel of Richard’s character and he’s more open here than in the previous book, in my opinion. He’s a Prince to the British thrown in the future and present day of 2011. He was also the time keeper of the time machine but since it no longer exists, traveling between time and space will get more challenging. Jocelyn was more modern feeling for a lady of the Victorian era. Her father gave her more free rein on her life and decisions because she was motherless. She got to follow in her father’s step and see things no young and unmarried lady would ever see during the Victorian era.

As they fight to keep their feelings above water and from boiling over Richard and Jocelyn works to keep the miners in check and to keep them from doing anything to change the future. At the same time Alice and Grayson tries to stay ahead of reporter Jack Brandon and his investigation into the time traveling as he told them that he had felt a change and rift in the atmosphere since Grayson arrived and to the missing party of Edmund, Richard, and Sophia. But when things couldn’t get any better the reporter ends up triggering a channel that gets him transporting back through time to the past.

And like the previous books before it, Richard and Jocelyn has to make a decision, if they want their relationship to last through time. So who’s it going to be, Jocelyn traveling to the future to make a life with the future King of England or Richard making a life in the past as a gentleman with Jocelyn? And in here we had a sad encounter that will change the game and gang as another story is brewing for the next book in the series as Sophia and Jax tries to prevent the disturbance of the creation of electricity for the future.

I say this was a super fast and adventure filled reading again. The writing was just as spectacular like before and flowed like smooth silk. Again you might want to check out the previous books in the series to fully understand and follow the characters on their adventure to put the future to rights and fall in love at the same time making for a very challenging and difficult situation. If you’re not going to be reading this in order than that is okay too but you might be a little lost because of all the characters and reference to previous adventures, but don’t worry, you can still enjoy this read as a standalone.

As always, this is a Steam Punk Victorian scifi fantasy filled adventure and a fast paced read. Super amazing!!! Can’t wait for what’s coming next for this crew~

Rating: 4 out 4

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