Review: Keeping Mr. Right Now by Robin Bielman

Keeping Mr Right NowKeeping Mr. Right Now 
by Robin Bielman
(Kisses in the Sand #1)

I absolutely adore Robin and many of her novels are on my keep pile. This is another great release from her and a great start into a new series. I love that it was a fast read and many of her books are super fast reads because of how well they’re written and time jsut flies by when you’re immersed in her books. 

So Zane (what a great name right?) is a super star surfer with a reputation of a bad boy playboy. He’s super hot and with a great body like his, what woman wouldn’t fall for him? So when he plans to become an ambassador for a non-profit organization and his bad boy reputation his holding him back. He has to change his ways so that the sponsors will take him seriously and who better than to team up with the brainy and out-of-towner Sophie? But when he starts to spend time with her and the ocean,  it gets harder to choose between the two. Plus his own insecurities holds him back on doing things he has always wanted and surfing is all he got to his name. So if he doesn’t choose the ocean, what will happen to him?

Sophie is nothing like the others under the hot sun and sexy bikini goers. She’s nerdy and has never step foot in the ocean. So when she ends up taking class on surfing, she thought it’ll be a good way to experience and enjoy the nice sun. But when she meets the sexy Zane things get steamy. She doesn’t think she’s gorgeous like the ladies that strut around him and her insecurities about her looks holds her back on doing things daring. 

This is another great couple. They’re chemistry is just amazing! Even the secondary characters are fabulous and I can’t wait for their turns in their own books and I so hope Robin writes quick, which I think she does because it seems like all her previous books had released in a timely matter so hopefully this will also be the same for this series. 

But yes, I loved that these two got to know each other at a great and seemingly good pace.  Sure it was slow at times but it was all good. The sexual tension was amazing. Robin does a great job at building the sexual tensions and then letting it all out with a Bam! 

As you know these two are absolutely different. Zane being on the high life and out going while Sophie is more calm and home-bodied. They both also share opposite insecurities which I thought was interesting and worked very well for these two to connect on that and see the best in one another. There were many hilarious laugh out loud (or to myself crazily) moments, which are (in my opinion) Robin’s great features in her stories. There were also heart touching moments of openness and connections which always makes a story great. 

But since this is a bit of a short, the wrapping up of the story and romance was a bit quick. I see that as a problem for many shorts and wished that if it doesn’t work out that well they could have extended the story and gave it a better pace to the end but all in all it was good. It also had a good set up for the secondary characters so I’m all on board. 

So I do recommend this loving and enjoyable read from Robin. I’m super excited for this new series and hope you also check out her other books in her other series. 

This book was provided by the author and publisher for an honest review.

Rating: 4 out 5

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