Review: Behind You by Carly M. Duncan

Behind You by Carly DuncanBehind You
by Carly M. Duncan


Wow. This was a very good book. I’m not just saying that because I’ve been reading lots of great mystery thrillers and crime novels but I didn’t expect the ending at all. It was a thriller ride to follow this family and kept me on my toes. I really liked how we got different POVs from all the characters involved and it really gave us a different view of how each character viewed and were viewed by eachother.

I also really liked the suspensefulness of the story and how it was written. Each chapter was a different perspective from one of the characters and was written in first person. Plus the story wasn’t told through the eyes of Heather, the main character that this story is about, but it was told through the other characters and I thought that was fabulous. I wasn’t expecting that’s how the story was going to be told but it worked beautifully in finding out what happened to Heather and the secrets everyone held from each other, if I’m making any sense.

This might be a spoiler but I just can’t keep it to myself! But as I read this story I started to feel sad for this family. From all the secrets I learned from them, I saw them all walking in the same path, just a different generation. There’s this whole under belly of family problems going on with this family and I thought, if this family was a lot closer to eachother and didn’t hide some many secrets then maybe many of the paths that were taken wouldn’t have to be repeated in the next-generation.
But anyways, this was a very unpredictable story. I thought I figured it out somewhat at the beginning but then got thrown off from all the other things that I learned as I read on. And my gosh, I saw it coming and suspected all the things that happened but it still shocked me speechless.

As we got to know the characters better each of them had their own problems and insecurities. I liked them all and hated them all at the same time. At first I thogught I liked them from how they were seen front the eyes of Heather before her attack but then as I got to see their POV and how they saw the others it absolutely changed how saw each of them. But I suppose it was also how they acted after Heather’s attack and from finding out their secrets.

But I can tell you I most disliked Heather’s sister, Elizabeth. She was just ignorant and didn’t care for anyone. Heather’s husband Steven was okay. I liked him and he seemed very sincere Dispite his flaws and his huge secret. Her parents were an odd couple. Her mother was very dramatic but that’s how mothers are, but she proved to be very surprising at the end. Her father was just, not there. Like he was always there but he’s more in the background. He let’s their mother do all the talking and ever since a huge accident that took place years ago involving their mother, his wife, he changed and has secrets of his own.

And her aunt, Katharine –her mother’s sister– was the one I liked the most. She was the one that I saw changed throughout the whole situation. Learning of her past and seeing her make life changing decisions at the end was something very, admiring. Though they all had some kind of life changing experience I felt Katharine had the most in-depth personality and realness to her character.

So in all, I highly recommend this book! Yes it was a super quick read and I thought I was going to get a cliffhanger ending because as I came closer to the last pages things still weren’t fully solved. But man was I surprised. I may have also been confused as I read the last pages and reread it more than twice over but man it really got my mind reeling. In a good way, well maybe a bit disappointed too because I have so many questions for the author!

But yes, I do recommend this for you mystery thriller readers!! It will blow your mind. And how it was written was just marvelous! Can’t think of it written any other way.

This book was provided by the author for an honest review.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

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