Reveiw : Entwined (Life of Anna #2) by Marissa Honeycutt

Entwined (The Life of Anna, #2)
Entwined (Life of Anna serial  #2)
by Marissa Honeycutt
Genre: Very Dark Paranormal Erotica


Oh wow, where should I begin. I don’t even know what to say! But first of all, this is BOOK 2 of a series and CAN NOT be read as a stand-alone. Not a Stand-Alone!!! It’s an installment of five books so there will be cliffhangers. So read Book 1, Enslaved: The Life of Anna first. And it’s dark, like super abusively internally gut twistingly dark in which you’ll be cringing, jaw breaking, enraged, slamming doors, eye gorging, and screaming dark.

So from that, you already know where my opinion lies……on installments, cliffhangers, and abuse. But set that aside, the book was just, Damn!

I knew what I was getting myself into when I jumped into reading this and nothing shocked or surprised me, but it sure did get my blood boiling and ears ringing!

This story start off from where it left off from book 1 with the ritual. Anna is still a slave in the hands of her master Devin, which is horrible because he’s an ashhat and pure evil to Anna. But there’s also Alex. We didn’t see him much in book 1 but in here we got a better feel of him and how he felt towards Anna. Alex is just the greatest person ever in this book. He’s protective of Anna and becomes Anna’s second master, a better master in fact. He got Devin to agree to give Anna some freedom and to actually live a little. If you know from book 1, all Anna knows is to be a submissive and a sex slave for her master and to do her duty as it’s told to her, so this freedom that she got from Alex is a huge break from what she has been taught at a young age. And I do love him for denying Anna’s sexual advances. It shows how much he cares for her and that what he wants isn’t just sex, but everything: trust, love, body, soul, respect, everything! But, put his good side aside, there are points in the story where I wished he’ll just stand up and punch whomever in the face for hurting Anna. Every freakin time he just sits there, stand there, listens, mummm about everything that is going on. I would love to slap him and get him straight! Like how long are you going to wait to save Anna? Love her right? Ha! Yeah….  But I’m still holding out for him to break.

And as I said, Devin is just pure evil. He wants control of everything and he uses Anna to do his dirty work for him; by seduction and using her body. She would also get punished painfully if things didn’t go as planned or if she questions his orders which gets me full of rage! He just gets worse and worse and I know for sure it’s going to get even worse by the end of the series. How? Because of all the warnings we were told at the beginning of the book before even opening the book! I’m not going to see a happy ending for this dude right here. I would have poisoned him already for all that he’s done. Gosh he needs to die to make this a great book!

This was also a very Very long book. For book one to have been half the page size as this I’m not sure how the other 3 books will hold out. But I guess all the bits and pieces had to fit for the story to make sense so making this a longer book was understandable and left a lot for the other books to pick up after till the end. But of course there are still going to be lots of horror and gut gorging coming our way for Anna. Oh how will she survive anymore of these horrific torments!? Dang!

Would I recommend this? For those of you who can hold in their vomits till the very end, yeah! But for those of you with a light heart and can’t handle torture scenes and lots lots more, don’t even get started on this series because you might not even make it past the first couple of pages.

This was a truly dark read and something I’ve read before so I thought it was great. The writing was fabulous and wasn’t difficult to follow, if you’ve read book 1, but I’ll see what happens next.

*This book was provided for an honest review*

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