Review: THORNBROOK PARK by Sherri Browning


I got to say this book was not what I was expecting. Not set during my usual Regency readings, this romance story is set in the throws of technology, motor vehicles, and electricity; the 1900s. The Edwardian era!!! I see Dowton Abbey all over this!

I really enjoyed this book. Both Eve and Marcus were great characters and were very adored by me because I absolutely love their chemistry. Even though they barely met in the beginning they bonded very well at an instant and made their surrounding environment quite peaceful. They also became a sort of friends and helped complement each other in their flaws; like in conversations where they felt uncomfortable, the other would secretly change the subject by throwing in a question to veer off the uneasiness of where the topic were heading towards. It was a win win situation of sorts. A partnership work.

They also understood each other in a way that many might not have. Both have lost something in their lives so they knew how to act and treat one another on a different level  compared to how they treated others. They saw each others’ pain and helped cure it as their friendship grew into something more in a short time. I really love how they interacted with each other and how they conversed with lines from books and literature. I found that really fun and witty to read because they just made such a cute couple.

But there’s a back story to this romance. Yes their attraction is quick but subdued because of each of their own personal circumstances, there’s also the fact that Eve’s only friend, Sophia has plans to marry Marcus off to her sister. Even if Marcus is Sophia’s brother-in-law therefore making Sophia’s sister also an in-law, Sophia just wants her sister to be close to her. And to Eve’s dismay, she just can’t help being attracted to Marcus. But then Eve’s also back to find the whereabouts on her husband’s missing investments and who’s to help her but Marcus.

Marcus on the other hands has demons he’s holding and Eve seems to be the only angel able to cure him. Carrying to deaths of war of which he didn’t intend to have when he bought his commission he also carries the lives of a dear friend’s family on his back. He had made a promise to care for their welfare and so has took it as his responsibility to look after the young children and give them a good and manageable working life. But then of course he couldn’t leave a widow in distress after returning home from a long stay in India, so he took it upon himself to help Eve find the culprit in her husband’s missing investments. But then his brother, whom he can’t seem to like and his brother’s wife gets in the way of their growing attraction and things just gets complicated at times.

Gosh I just adored this story! I loved how the mystery were woven into the story and helped paced the romance and their relationship. I may have figured who was behind the mystery and all but I still really enjoyed the adventure.

I also loved that Eve was written like we were in the mind of a male. I’m not sure if that was intentional but that’s howbi saw her. How she thought about Marcus was just so much like how a male would see and think of a woman when deprived of love for a long time. Well, she was windowed for a year so it was quite understandable but I just thought it was funny. Eve was also very modern. It wasn’t a bad thing because the times were changing during this era and women reforms were forming so it was very refreshing to see that. Eve also still retained some of the very proper etiquettes of a woman of the olden days at certain times in the book, which I was very grateful for because it just shows how time were slowly changing and not just all forgotten about
Marcus I loved. He was so in tune to Eve’s feeling that I was just hooked on him. Not just that but he was very aware of people’s feeling and cared a lot for them personally. He treated people fairly but can still have that over bearing presence when he needs too and can be very intimidating even though he’s just a soft and sweet spoken beta hero! Plus he’s bookish and I love that even more about him!
So, all in all this was a super great and fun read and for being my first of Sherri Browning book I absolutely loved it! She has a really great way of telling their story and even more on showing their vulnerable sides which is really sweet.

I highly recommend this and can’t wait for more from Sherri!!!

Rating: 4 out 5

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