Review: Need You Tonight by Roni Loren

Need You Tonight (Loving on the Edge, #5) 

I am going to start by saying that this is my first read by Roni. Yes! I’m so ashamed that I haven’t read her as of yet till now but I’m so happy that I got to read this book! I know I’m super late in getting in on this series and the super hot and sexy Kade but wow, I was hooked when I got the chance to read an excerpt during Ramblings From This Chicks’ Naughty New Year Blog Tour Week.

So this is about Tessa getting back at her ex-husband for catching him cheating on her with her now ex-best-friend and calling her boring. So she comes up with a list to full fill with everything she wanted to do her entire life and even new things she wanted to try to prove that she is adventurous and wanted. Therefore her friend Sam signed her up for a cooking class with her and she is on her way to an adventure!

First of all, she learns that her name wasn’t on the sign up list and she meets a super sexy man willing to partner up with her for the cooking class. But of course that sexy man turns out to be the owner of the restaurant the cooking class was taking place in and well, things gets interesting.

Kade has been in love with Tessa since high school. Once he found out Tessa was now single he wants nothing more than to jump at his chances of having a fling with her, even if Tessa want’s nothing but a casual relationship between friends. Of course he’s willing to go smooth and slow but nothing will stop him from changing her mind. *wink wink*

And of course if you have read the previous books in this series you know Kade can be very convincing and well, fabulous and adventurous in bed. LOL

But yes, things are always complicated in a relationship and things does get in their way but in all, they get over those obstacles and move forward.

I really enjoyed reading this Book!!! I knew I would be hooked ever since that morning of Roni’s guest post for the Naughty New Years Hop and well, I was right! Even though I haven’t read the previous books in the series, I did happen to look them up and read clips and bits of them to familiarize myself with Roni’s writing and story telling skills and found them really, really, good.
I also know that in the previous books we didn’t get much of Kade or see a different side of him, but in this one we really got to know him and even got deep with him. I love how he helped Tessa stand up for herself and faced her challenges with her, especially with her ex-husband. As for Tessa I loved that we saw how she grew and changed throughout the story. She was really a great character to watch and come into herself even though she was not very likable if you think about it from her younger days being the popular girl and all but she turned out okay. Sure she was naive and it was very surprising for me to see but I was happy she learned a lot from her relationship with Kade; to know what she like and wasn’t afraid to try new things with him. They had chemistry which I loved, plus they had depth!!! Oh, and the flashbacks were also great. It really showed how they’ve evolved and told their story.

Though I don’t read much BDSM novels or Dominate and Submissive tropes, this was one I thought was….great. There were some scenes that got my brows raising (not in a bad way I think) but just in hesitation as to ‘what is going on here.’ I’ll say there were many very sexy and very hot sexual scenes and sometimes my feminist mind just got the red flags out but I couldn’t stop reading it. Though I did skim a bit to get back to the story, I thought I didn’t lose much in during so. LOL

So yup, I thought this was a really great read and wouldn’t mind going back and reading some of the other books in the series, most definitely of Kade’s past experiences~

This eARC provided by the publishers via NetGalley.

Rating: 4/5

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