Review: The Mysterious Case of Mr. Strangeway (novella) by Karina Cooper

the mysterious cas of mr. StrangewayThe Mysterious Case of Mr. Strangeway (novella) (St. Croix Chronicles, #0.5)


I’m so sad that Avon decided not to publish more of this SteamPunk series. They were able to publish the first two books in the series: Tarnished and Gilded, but decided not to pursue the rest with this novella, which is the prequel to the whole series. This is the beginning of a new publisher for Karina and Cherry St. Croix and I’m glad that Karina didn’t end it and got Carina Press (not related to Karina the author) to pick it up and publish the rest of the series.

I absolutely loved it! It’s so great to see how Cherry came to be a Collector and of how she met the smoking Micajah Hawke!

I love how this novella showed us how Cherry will grow to be that famous Collector that she is in the series and of how she came to get the name Sparrow for her disguise.

I also really enjoyed the mystery, as always, and how there were twists and turns to the case she was collecting.

Cherry will always be quick witted which we know will be her greatest suit and she will become even more…..intellectual on how to get information of those she’s chasing. You also get to see how she came to be inspired to invent her own weapons and gears from this first case of hers, so we definitely see how much she has grown from a curious child to an intelligent woman from this novella.

Though there were many repeated information about people and such in this novella as it does state in the novels, it was…..kind of in the way for us who has read the first two novels at this point. It would have been great for those who just started but it just got in the way of the story for me. But I love it still!

I should really read this now instead of listening to it on audio~ And I want a print version!!!

Rating: 4/5

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