Review: Dyed and Gone by Beth Yarnell



This was my first reading of any of Beth’s book and I got to say it’s dang hilarious and awesome! Can I just say don’t judge a book by it’s cover? I know I did but not in a bad kind of way. It was more of in a hilarious way. Which it really was because look at it! It has a hiar dryer on the cover!! Wow this really had many great laughs out of me. But I did help with the cover reveal way back when so forget that.

But as you can see from the blues here we have Azalea March and a group of gal friends on a trip for a fabulous Hair-dressing show in Las Vegas and well, things turn bad. Yeah, not like where there are relationship problems or they gambled away thousands of money, but more like a Murder!!!!

Yes, murder. But it wasn’t just some random dude that got murdered it was the super star hair stylist of the whole show! And it just got even worse when one of Azalea’s friend confessed to the murder.
But of course Azalea know that her friend would never do such a thing, as it was impossible! She what does she do? She asks the hottes guy detective she knows to help her out and solve the case!
I really like what Beth is doing. I live all the mystery and twists and turns she out into this story and it just makes you not want to put it down!

I have been reading mysteries for these past couple of days and I’m telling you, they were all great but this one really got me laughing with right amount of humor and information to keep me engaged. Plus all the characters were very likable even though I had my suspicion on who was the culprit but then I was surprised again!

I was amazed that this was more of a mystery than romance or about hair! I mean Beth is great at romance and I know that because of the other books she has written, which I heard were scorching hot. So I found it just the right amount of everything.

The romance, now there was chemistry. It really got me to want to know more about each of their pasts but I love how they came to be where they are.

Azalea is a very strong a very likable heroine. She’s smart and very persistent because she doesn’t give up and that’s one thing that can be a fault or a good thing, and for this it was a good thing. She wanted to find the true murderer to save her friend. Plus, she’s a good friend. Despite how she feels and the trouble that will come she’ll be there for her friends no matter what and help them in the best way she could.

Alex is just hot!! He’s always backing Azalea up even if she gets or makes the trouble. But I love that he lets her help him with the case and doesn’t hold her back.

The secondary characters and her friends are what made this book fun! They’re such a hilarious and witty group. I believe if these characters weren’t in the book the story would still have been great but man, it would have lost some major entertainment.

Over all, I am going to keep my eyes open for the next books in he series and see where Beth take me next. And I really do hope to see some familiar faces in the future.

Rating: 4/5

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