Review: eARC How to Marry a Highlander by Katharine Ashe

How to Marry a Highlander (Falcon Club, #3.5)How to Marry a Highlander (Falcon Club #3.5)
Katharine Ashe


With seven troublesome half sisters to marry off, Duncan, the Earl of Eads, has one problem: he’s broke.

With the prospect of marriage to the pompous local curate, Miss Teresa Finch-Freeworth has one dream: to wed instead the handsome Highlander she saw at a ball.

How does a desperate lady convince a reluctant laird that she’s the perfect bride for him? She strikes a wager! If she can find seven husbands for seven sisters, the earl must marry her.

Duncan has no intention of wedding the meddlesome maiden, and he gives her a deadline even the most audacious matchmaker can’t meet—one month. But Teresa sets terms, too: with each bridegroom she finds, the earl must pay her increasingly intimate rewards . . .


This is a novella and part of Katharine’s loving series the Falcon Club! I’m super super happy that I picked this baby up and read it. Shall I say the synopsis was the thing that hooked me to this book rather than the smexy cover? Laaaa~

Okay, so there’s this English proper country miss Miss Teresa. She has been
in…carrying an faction for a Scottish Earl, Duncan, for over a year after glimpsing him staring at her from across the room at a Lady B’s ball back in book 3 of the series, How a Lady Weds a Rouge. And then he disappears back to Scotland.

And so she devise a plan to marry him because 1) he has returned to London and 2) she didn’t want to marry a country Reverend (she’s too wild for that you know) and 3)………well, if the Scottish Lord didn’t want to marry her she wanted a kiss from him to mope over when she’s back in the country, married to the country Reverend.

And so the games begin when she sets a wager to settle his 7 sisters. And for Each wager won she received a prize in the form of, bumpbahh bahhbum drum rolls…..him~

I can truly say that I was enamored with this plot. Seven sisters! That’s crazy but I highly enjoyed the set up for romance.

I loved that Teresa was shown as a proper young lady who’s tired of her life in the country with barely a suitable match in sight. How she had a witty countenance within her waiting to escape their confines and release her self from their torture. I also loved that she had a writers great fantasy daydreamers’ mind! She’s a storyteller and a great liar of forming fake events to cover for her attention lapses. Though her thoughts at times were reasonable, witty, and understood, others…just….weren’t so sure….

“She wanted to be the spring ewe to his ram. She wanted to be the nectar in the bud to his hummingbird’s probe. She wanted him to make her a woman in this hothouse.”

Yeah, the fancy saying and stuff just didn’t prick me the right way.

She also spoke very plainly at times which kind of threw me off because of her raring but that’s towards Duncan, at times. And I did forget her status in the social realm though. I wasn’t sure how she got to do things on her own without others’ knowing. She did get ball invitations from the help of her friends and aunt but still she would have been outcast just by escorting the impoverished and scandalous Scottish sisters about. But I love her determination, strong will, and sometime outrageous personality for standing by the young girls even with snickers from the ton.

Duncan is a likable hero. He’s the typical dark and broody male who is protective yet vulnerable at the same time towards his women brood. I love how he messes with Teresa and how control he is with her. He knows that he couldn’t impinged anything upon yet couldn’t help stay away and watch her play her magic upon his family. His past is a bit shady and he has a tortured soul and I know that we learn more of it in book 3 (which I’ll need). He’s honorable and super caring of his family and what more can you get.

On the other hand, I did have trouble with how some of the outcomes came about because I felt like I wanted more of them,  especially the sisters. I wanted to get to know each of the siblings a bit better and see how their relationships grew. I also had some trouble moving past some things added in the story; like When Duncan sold his timepiece for new clothes money. I was super hoping he’ll get it back, either from Teresa because she found out he sold it or by him repurchasing it. I was disappointed when that didn’t happen. It was a blow to me. And tore at me.

But I was highly excited to Ms. Maya Rodale’s Mr. Derek Knightly make an appearance in this novella~ And of course there was Lady B from the Ballroom Blog! :D 

But all in all this was a great novella and now I’ll have to read myself backwards into the series to get all my info on these two couples and more. I’m just wondering if this is the last book for the series~

This eARC is provided by the publishers via Edelweiss

3 half review

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