Review: The Tin Man by Nina Mason

The Tin Man
Author: Nina Mason
Genre: Political Thriller


This is my first book by Nina Mason and I was highly impressed with this book. This was also my first novel that had a political thriller theme to it which I don’t usually pick up so I was super glad that I got a chance to read this and can now look forward to others like this.

From the very beginning I was hooked to the story. It gave me this suspense thriller feel to it which I’ve been really enjoying thtese past weeks and didn’t even register to me as a political thriller at all.
And if you know me, I’m not super political but I can talk about it and give my opinions on them. Just ask my younger brother, we have debates about anything that touches on politics and the government. I’m more open minded and can see from both sides where he’s in one direction somewhat against the government. But what I’m saying is that this book really hits it. Like it got me thinking and thinking and I just want to give it to my brother and say, ” Here, read this and tell me what you think and we can debate about it.

Of course he won’t read it because he thinks it’s a “romance” just because I read many of them, but I’ll be talking to him about this don’t you worry!

But yes, I really enjoyed this story. Not just the political aspects of it but also the relationship between Alex and Thea. Can I say I was very surprised that they weren’t the typical late twenties to early thirties characters. Yeah I know. I was surprised and in awwe and everything. But I loved it so much! But yes their relationship, I felt like it was strained at times because of their backgrounds and personal problems but they make for a really great team.

Both being journalists they are very different. Thea is more optimistic to me while Alex was more forward to showcasing the reality of the world. I mean it’s very much understandable for Alex to want to do that because he was a soldier and has seen lots of horror during those days so telling it like it is is best for him than just glossing over it.

I loved that we got deep with these two and saw them in their best and worst. It gave them depth and a realness to their character.

So this was a super amazing story that got me on the edge of my seat with its suspenseful twists and turns and touch of actions and adventure. The politics of it really got me thinking about all the conspiracy theories and all the government and high business corporations got going in the world. It was just mind blowing. So I have a lot to talk about and debate with my brother it seems.

This book was provided by the author for an honest review.

Rating: 4 out 5

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