Review: SWEET TALK ME by Kieran Kramer


Oh my gosh! It’s Kieran Kramer! I just love her historical Regency romances and this jump into her first contemporary romance is just as fabulous! Wow. I’m feeling like every author these days are moving into another genre and are making super great hits with them. Way to go!

So, Sweet Talk Me is about two people getting a second chance at love in their small hometown in the country side. We have our heroine, True Maybank who’s preparing for her wedding with her perfect and handsome Southerner gentleman fiancee. And our hero, Harrison Gamble who’s a Country super star singer has come back home to help his brother and of course to find a new muse for his music. These two were childhood friends that had a one night fling in high school and then Harrison leaving their small town not soon after for ten years! So, you know there’ll be lots of touching scenes and life searching moments for these two.

True is super sweet, independent and very passionate. Although she has a lot on her shoulders, like caring and always worrying about her younger sister who’s a fantastic fun and loves to speak her mind; which drives True crazy with worry and all these parental warning signs. She’s also dealing with the economic situation at home which then lead her to her upcoming marriage to her wealthy fiancee. Of course she’s only marrying him out of obligation to her parents’ wishes so, that also builds on her shoulders because that’s what everyone expects her to do. But when Harrison shows back up, those fluttering butterflies starts to fly and she’s denying that it’s the doing of Harrison but because of her impending marriage. Of course all this has to happen when her fiancee just happens to be away….. Hea hea hea

And Harrison! Can I just say I adore this name. Harrison was just a plain smart ash. That’s all I got to say about him. I truly loved him but he’s just so……such a know it all. Yes, they were friends once and of course he’ll know about what True truly wants in life but man, he has to come back now? But man does he throw True off her course. Harrison’s is truly a nice guy. Having been mocked on many occasions as a child in the small town for being not good enough and poor, he made it huge as a celebrity and that was a huge in your face move he did to his town and to some of its folks. And he loves his brother. His older and autistic brother. It was very sweet indeed.

Over all this was a super loveable story. There wasn’t just one story but many short ones that inter connected to make a whole book in itself. The secondary characters made it for such a fun read and seeing how they complemented each other was great.

The relationship between True and Harrison came a long way from when they were children and it was super great to see how much they’ve grown and learned as changes and obstacles came their way.

This was a very charming, sweet, and heartwarming love story with every little thing to make it perfect and romantic. There’s a lot of emotions and touching scenes that can be a bit…..sad but it’s all worth it in getting to their HEA. This story really just got me thinking and wishing for a true and loving romance of my own. Of course I don’t want to go through all of the drama and hardships but it really made me want to believe in love and it gave me a lot of hope.

Kieran Kramer has a knack for story telling and her writing was just as great in this story. As a fan of her Regencies I know I’ll be looking forward to more of these contemporary small town romances from her.

Plus, thank you Kati for this opportunity to read this contemp by Kieran!

This ARC was provided by the publisher via NetGalley.

Rating: 4 out of 4

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