Review: Dream Nights with the CEO by Kathy Lyons

DNwtCEO-500px Title: Nights with the CEO
Author: Kathy Lyons
Release date: May 27, 2013

Dream Nights with the CEO is Kathy Lyons latest new release~! Or will be since it’ll be released in a couple of hours ;) But anyways this story was a huge change from what I would usually read and I’ll say I was hooked on it. It was also my first read of Kathy Lyons’ book. Although I read her as Jade Lee :D

The heroine, Megan, is an assistant – and sometime personal assistant- to her hot hunky billionaire boss, Wyatt Monroe, who owns and runs a hotel chain and Bed and Breakfast houses around the country. She goes on a business trip with him to St. Louis looking to buy and add more B&B to his business. But every waking moment spent with Wyatt is making it harder for Megan to keep her task a business one since she has been having hot and erotic wet dreams about her hunky boss. And she’s not afraid to do lots of naughty and delicious things with him, I mean come on, it’s only a dream, right? ;)

Low and behold to Megan’s unbeknown fantasy, Wyatt is have the same exact dreams! And he loves it. Knowing that he can’t breach their boss/ assistant relationship and ruin a perfect partnership he can only dream of being with her and that will be enough to satisfy his needs- barely.  Every time he dreams of his sexy assistant he can’t help but hide his feelings for her as the morning calls for business and working side by side with her is making it difficult to concentrate. But as the dreams progresses and the steamier it gets, their work relationship begins the change and feelings begins to develop outside of the dream realm. But this is a short business trip and he can’t lose his best assistant to a night of fling nor lose his chances with her as things begins to heat up.

This was a fast and hot read and I enjoyed it rather more than I thought I would. I have never really read anything like this before so it was a great start to get me going. As many may already know, Ms. Kathy Lyons also writes under the Historical romance author name of Jade Lee which I love~ So reading her paranormal erotica New Adult romance was a great shift from what I was used to from her works.

This was also a different kind of plot from what I know of and really was what caught my attention to this book. I mean, having erotic wet dreams of a certain person (or persons) is rather enticing and hot, but to have the same hot dream as that person, doing naughty things together is rather scary and…..habba habba… ;) Me likey

There was one point in the story that I lost interest and didn’t really care for and saw it as a moot point in the story. I found it unnecessary and should have been structured in a different set up.  I love you Kathy/Jade but that part was just ridiculous. I rolled my eyes (rolled it!) I didn’t see that coming, and I never rolled my eyes but I did :(   I know it had everything to do with the hero and his love of comics but, no, it just didn’t work with me. And I love comics too.

I also had a moment in the story where I had to google up something after I read it towards the end of the book. I had to literately stop reading and pull up google to search up the answer. I wasn’t sure if that “thing” was possible in such a short time frame but I guess it can happen from what I found, so I guess it turned out all okay.

But other than those things everything was on point and fabulous! I loved both characters and they really compliments each other’s characteristics and wants and needs. They have great personalities and well you can’t help but just love them! I will be looking forward to more of this :)

The ARC was provided by the fabulous Entangled Publishing.

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