Ellie’s Gentleman is OUT~!

Ellie’s Gentleman
Release Date: May 2013
Word Count: 15,600

The next installment for Georgiana Louis is Out~!

It’s a New publisher for her and her first sweet story.

It’s about love between two people who needs it.

 Here’s the book blurb:

Ellie Sommers is twenty years old, beautiful, lively and intelligent. She has finally returned to her family home after another long London season. She wants nothing more than to stay in her beloved country town and ride her horses. Enter Robert Blakely, a widower and a true gentleman. He has come to spend Christmas with his long-time friend William, Ellie’s father. Robert has no wish to marry again and is shocked to discover his own interest in the beautiful daughter of his friend. The only problem is that he is twice her age and a widower who has convinced himself he will never marry again.

You can buy this at Steam eReads


  1. Haha I have an umbrella just like that! used it for my Alice in Wonderland Wedding!

    1. LOL It must be awesome seeing something you own on a book cover :)