Wednesday Wonderings...of a Relationship Virgin~

For anyone out there who cares.

I’m currently writing a story. It’s a Historical Romance and well, there’s not much going on at the moment. I got the jest of the story and some of the plot down and the characters are in line but then I thought,

"How am I to write a love scene or kiss scene without ever having experienced it?"
"If I make it up would it be too unrealistic?"
"But I have been reading many of these scenes in my readings so does it matter?"
"I'm practically an expert at feelings and emotions so why it is so hard for me to write it!?"

I’m currently at a writers block on this issue. Unfortunately I’ve never been in a relationship. 

"What?" you say, "You have got to be kidding me?" 

Nope, nahhdahh. Never been in a relationship with a human being (intimately or emotionally? Book boyfriends don’t count) nor have I ever been kissed – like truly kissed- not that I have been anyways. But I do kiss my nieces and nephews ~on the cheek~ but they don’t count.

This is giving me a hard time because I feel like I wouldn’t know how to mix in the right amount of feelings into a scene without ever experiencing it. The fluttering of the heart and butterflies in the stomach maybe but other than that, nothing.

I had to leave the kissing and love scenes out on one of my story :(

I mean, I do enjoy stories that don’t have love scenes in them but I felt like….like I’m missing something if I don’t have it in my story. Like it’s not fulfilled if it’s left out -  a cliff hanger! Although, many of my stories are left in cliff hangers. *shakes head*

Okay~ I don’t know what I’m talking about anymore. I’m just spazzing, but it really did give me a writers block headache.

It’s so hard being a Relationship Virgin trying to make it good being an amateur  Romance Writer.

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