Teaser Tuesday

Secrets of a Runaway Bride by Valerie Bowman

"Do you feel that?"His breath came hot on her neck and cheek and Annie shuddered.
"Ye...Yes."But she wasn't exactly sure what he was asking. She felt quite a lot at the moment.
"Do you feel how the pistol is like an extension of you hand when you hold it this way?"he asked.
Uh-huh." All she could do was nod. she wanted to turn and bury her face in his neck, but instead she swallowed and kept her eyes on the target.
"Cock you thumb, like this," he breath and Annie closed her eyes briefly while he nudged her thumb with his forefinger. "Now stare down the target."
She nodded and bit her lips.
"Keep your eye trained along the the top of the pistol. Do you see?"
She could barely get a yes from her dry throat.
"Lock your arm," he commanded, moving his strong arm, warm hand down to her elbow and squeezing.
Annie gulped. "All right."
"Now," he said." Keep you eye on the pistol and the target at the same time."
Another nod.

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