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Question of the day (it's a long one):
~Amazon buys Goodreads (Find the announcement here) DO you think this is a good thing for readers – or is Amazon the devil? Will this move effect you? Will you be leaving Goodreads?
~ The death of Google Reader As Google continues to phase out it’s less popular products, bloggers were scrambling to find a new reader platform to follow their favorite blogs. What have you switched to for a reader?
The big fear though is the loss of Google Friends Connect. How are you preparing if indeed GFC is discontinued? How many subscriber options are too many to offer your followers? What ones are the most popular on your blog?
~ What do we owe authors?  This is an interesting post about this. An author had tweeted that if you get all your books from the library it deprives an author of income, another suggested using this fun little graphic to help readers spread the word about a book they love.
What are your thoughts on this? Do they have a point? Do they go too far in expecting readers to only buy their books at indie bookstores, avoid Amazon or expecting readers to go forth and publicize their book after a purchase?
Okay, Amazon buys Goodreads. I don't really care....kind of.  I like having Goodreads on its own even though I do buy most of my books from Amazon. I know I won't be leaving Goodreads any time soon or ever but then...hmm. I do understand that if Goodreads and Amazon work together it'll be easier to review and purchase books. I know that sometimes when I add a book on to my to-read list on Goodreads and I don't have it on Amazon I tend to forget to buy or read them :(  So I see that this would help us readers on books we want but also help with the review postings so we don't always have to copy and paste.

Oh my Gosh~! The death of Google Reader! Why why why~ GFC is how I keep in touch with my favorite bloggers. And yes~, I was one of those bloggers who scrambled to secure the blogs I wanted to keep. Although I have chosen Bloglovin, I barely go on it because I still have GFC, I know I'll have to start going on it soon so that I'll know how to work it and use it. What has the world gone too? Whay are they hating on us readers and bloggers!

As I said before I purchase most of my books from Amazon. I do occasionally buy from BN and The Book Depository, or Smash Words. And sometime from Indie Book stores if the book I want isn't available anywhere else, which is totally fine with me, besides, sometimes, the pricing. But is getting all my books from the library a bad thing? No, I love the library. It was the first place where I fell in love with books and reading as a child. I don't think it's depriving the author of an income. I mean, most books from libraries that I know of were donated. They were bought at one point right? Although I'm all for money and for authors, I don't think libraries should be put down for allowing people access to books that they may or may not have thought to have picked up if it weren't in a library. I do that too sometimes, roam bookshelves for new books or books that I thought I would never pick up otherwise. Sorry if I'm going off on a tangent but it's true.

Authors expecting readers to go forth and publicize their book after a purchase? I do help authors promote their books (I'm in multiple Street Teams)  and sometime review books that I totally love~ but if it's expected for me to do a review even if I don't plan to I don't see it as a good way to promote, unless I said or agreed to it for an ARC.

Okay I'll stop writing. You're probably confused and bored by now. Happy Reading :)

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