Review: ZED A Cosmic Tale



• When a cute little alien named ZED demonstrates his invention to the Hierarchy of the Galaxy, something goes wrong — terribly wrong! Before long, ZED's universe is thrown into complete turmoil and our little hero must face nearly insurmountable odds trying to survive and save the very fate of his home world.

• Imbued with a dark edge, peppered with pure silliness, and wrapped up in a childlike sense of wonder, ZED's adventures will keep readers tickled and captivated from start to finish.

• Originally published in comic book form over a period of eleven years, ZED has been completely revised and remastered for this definitive edition.


This was a fun and very action packed comic book. The character is super~ adorable and cute.  The characters-- some of them-- were just as adorable as Zed.
He's on an adventure to save his own planet from being destroyed by an invader who has come to punish him for destroying and killing of a planet.
The artwork and details in this comic book was so fantastic that I was blown away. It reminded me of the Cartoon networks shows, kind of? Something like Invader Zim like drawing. The lines are very clean and smooth. I can picture what the colors would be if the comic book was colored. I really love the artwork of the book.
One thing that gave me pause is that this book could be for children but some of the language used in the text are not for children's reading. I know we're in the Twenty first century now and many kids these days are exposed to many things in this world that it might not be a problem but in some ways it can be. Even though there are very few used it's still something. But over all it was a great and fun read and full with action and adventure.

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